Biodiversity Club

Biodiversity Club

The main objectives of establishing the Biodiversity Clubs include:

• In association with Biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs) conduct biodiversity studies.

• Involve in the activities of forming People’s Biodiversity Registers

• Assessing the local biodiversity and come up with programmes on benefit sharing of

biodiversity resources in association with BMCs

• Conducting awareness programmes on biodiversity conservation

• Equip younger generation to create biodiversity awareness in the community

• Help to materialise Biodiversity conservation plans proposed by BMC of the area


Organisational structure

Biodiversity clubs will have an organisational structure as given below:

Patron : Principal of the College

Coordinator : Dr Gigi Poulose

Executive committee: Dr Anis K V, Dr. Meena Irimban, Dr Aneesh E M

conservation/ protection of environment, one member of PTA

Invitees : KSBB District Coordinator, One BMC member, Local Forest

Officer and Local Agricultural Officer


  •  As part of the conservation activities, on 25th September, 2013 the inauguration of Biodiversity Club of the college was done by planting saplings in the campus. The Club undertakes and supports activities like Nature Camps, Biodiversity Awareness Programmes & Initiatives, Competitions for Students, Biodiversity surveys etc. Some of the undertaken activities are as follows:
  • 40 students of Second B. Sc Zoology attended a two day Nature Camp organized by Kerala Forest and Wild life Department at Vazhachal Forest Division from 09-10th December 2016.
  • Inauguration of Bird Friendly Campus and ‘Oru veedinu oru kaadu’ (A Forest for A Home) programme was held on 31-01-2107 by Dr E J Vincent, Dist. Coordinator, Kerala State Biodiversity Board. An oath taking on ‘Oru veedinu oru kadu’ was delivered by Dr. Sr. Isabel.
  • In collaboration with Kerala Forests & Wildlife Department and Birders sans Boarders, a ‘Bird Watch programme in the Kole Wetland’ was organised by the Department on 11th -12th November 2017.
  • 40 students of Second B. Sc Zoology attended a two day Nature Camp organized by Kerala Forest and Wild life Department at Vallakadavu Forests of Periyar Tiger Reserve on 19-20th December, 2017.
  • 10 students participated in the survey conducted in the Vellangalloor Panchayat by the Panchayat in association with Salim Ali Foundation for a project on Sustainable Development.
  • Every year, Zooweek is being celebrated in association with the Department of Zoology, on various topics related to biodiversity, with competitions for students in drawing, photography, mobile quiz, poster making etc.



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