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  1. Qualitatively upgraded education and personality enhancement to grab opportunities offered by the times at a global level
  2. Endowing women with a purpose and vision to be ideal mothers and citizens
  3. Imparting education that is functionally useful, socially relevant and morally    uplifting to meet the challenging demands of the present society.

                    During the Third cycle accreditation phase, the  department had been continually marching towards all round development of students and research quality enhancement of teachers and learners. Constant introspection and assessment of strengths and weaknesses came to our aid in the sustenance and enhancement of quality during this period. Feedback from the Industry, alumnae and peers and from other educational institutes also enabled the department to introspect and evolve further in the higher research outcome and empowerment of students which has been reflected in the highly placed alumnae in covetable positions


Sectioned Strength

B. Sc.

48+3 per batch

M. Sc.

20+2 per batch

Ph. D

8 per guide

Teaching - Learning 

Academic- Industry Dynamics 
Statistics for application level projects in the fields of Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Industry etc.
Preparation of PG dissertation using LATEX Software
Voluntary lecture by Resource persons from Research institutes
Participation of students in MTTS Programme
Training Programme on Mathematical Softwares which is useful in industry
Learning through activities like PPT Presentations, Poster presentations, Quiz, Field Trips, Wall Magazines etc 

Student Support

Bridge Course
Remedial Teaching
Tutorial and Mentoring sessions
House visit
Providing Department Library
Financial Assistance to needy
Endowments for academic excellence

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