The college has special provision in the form of full-fledged hostel rooms to accommodate about 350 students belonging to the far flung suburbs of the Irinjalakuda town seeking admission for its programs. Residence facilities are available in the campus. The “Holy Family Hostel” that provides the safe, secure and comfortable residence facilities to them is a virtual ‘home away from home’ for them. Those who would like to stay in the hostel should apply in the prescribed form at the time of admission. Administered by the Sisters of Holy Family Congregation, the hostel is located at an arm’s length from the campus. Admission and Fee regulations will be as per the stipulated hostel rules.

The College is also equipped with Sports Hostels for Volleyball and Basket Ball.

Wardens: Dr. Sr. Asha, Dr. Sr. Lilly K O, Sr. Blessy, Dr. Sr. Clare

Ph. Number: 0480-2822635

Visiting Time:

Working Days * 7.15 am - 8.50 am                                  

                            * 3.45 pm - 6.00 pm   

Saturday          * 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm

Sunday             * 7.30 am - 6.00 pm 


Cafeteria, Unique Campus dining experience
1,800 sq.feet marble-floored, well ventilated and fully furnished veg-nonVeg Cafeteria with separate enclosures for staff and students provides hygienic local delicacies at reasonable rates for non-residential students. It is here where the students hang out when tense and sick of long hours of unimpeded lecture harangues and when declared free of work for some reasons. During class hours, however, the doors here are closed to them.

Non Residential Centre
Whether you come to the campus from away home or from a relative’s facility nearby, as a non-resident, you bring local color and culture to the campus. To unwind and relax in between classes you are offered a spacious place where the atmosphere is always kept informal. Provided with even a few beds for those who may fall sick all of a sudden, it has everything a home usually must essentially have. And if all that you need is to read an unacademic book for the release of the tense academic pressure, indeed, you have a few comfortable lean-back chairs in the centre. If you chose to bring something to eat and enjoy in the company of your friends, there is enough facility for that too, if you are careful enough to make use of the premises with enough neatness. Stay on campus late one evening and watch a movie or a play, of course, the Centre will take care of your need to change to your evening wear and dress up for the occasion. Night’s stop-over, however, requires the authorization of the Principal.

Computer Centre
The Computing Resource Bay
The Computing resource bay addresses an array of general student support services like computing, word processing, reprography, printing, communication etc. In addition, the centre offers short-term sessions beyond college hours in general computer instruction or programming languages associated with Information Technology to update computing skills or reinforce existing ones. Regardless of their optional, students can visit the Computing Center for assistance in computing-related questions or course work. Students are always encouraged to join computer progression courses at the time of admission, so that they can qualify themselves in computer education, along with the completion of the degree course. It assists students also with writing projects that include class writing assignments, personal statements, resumes and cover letters, and creative writing. A full time qualified consultant is available for students seeking help at any point in the writing process: brainstorming, developing a thesis, organizing, revising, using sources, and editing.

Fitness Centre
As part of the fitness drive and to facilitate toning of the whole body a multi- stationed fitness centre with motorized Tread mill, Orbitruk, Vibrators, Wrist Curl, Bicycle aerometer, Twister, Stepper, Cross over machine, Peck deck machine, High lat pulley/Rowing pulley, Inclined abdomen bench, Inclined leg press heavy machine, Leg curl & leg extension machine, Inclined bench press, Vital (standing abdomen), Horizontal bar for gymnastics, facilities for free weight exercises etc has been attached to the physical education department.

Health Centre
The mission of the Campus Health Center is to promote health care, enrich the student health experience and support providing high quality, accessible, immediate and essential medical care to students, with a focus on health education and illness prevention. It also takes care to inculcate healthy practices and thereby to create a healthy campus community.
The Centre provides weekly services of two doctors on call and holds health clinics, health awareness Programs, nutritional information, vaccination drives etc free of cost to the students.

Yoga Centre
Control of all mental function and silencing the mind are the keys to success. To tone one’s mind and to regain the peace and harmony of life, a yoga centre has been attached to the indoor stadium. Centre has been conducting regular yoga classes and a  certificate course in yoga education (C.Y.Ed.). 40 yoga foldable fioor spreads are arranged in the centre for the yoga practitioners. Activities of the centre have been stretched to yoga classes, yoga seminars, yoga teachers training ,yoga courses, yoga competitions and yoga publications

Medicinal Garden
About 100 medicinal plants are grown in the fenced medicinal garden within the College Campus, managed by the Dept. of Botany.

Telecom Point
Among the various amenities provided for the essential convenience of the students, the Telecom-Point has an important place. This is a campus where Cell-phones are legally forbidden and as such the means by which the students can communicate with their families, relatives or friends in case of urgent need is provided by the college. This facility is also important for the reason that this is a free gift of the alumnae association to their successors in the campus.

HRD centre

The Campus Career Services Centre
The Centre functions mainly for:

  1. identifying opportunities for the pass-outs of all programs
  2. offering them suitable on-campus training to enhance student employability for the openings identified and
  3. Counseling for Career destination and higher education progression

The Careers Centre provides impartial information, advice, support and guidance for under-graduates, post graduates, researchers, staff, and employers covering everything from further study to professional training. Career Service also offers comprehensive professional counseling to help students with career planning and higher study progression. This office also provides career assessment, drop-in advising, workshops, job- database for internships and career employment, career fairs, on-campus interviews, reference letter service and monthly career planning sessions by external experts from the segments of commerce and industry, government and public sector departments and defense services. Career-related work experience can be gained through the Internship Certificate Program offered for select courses by the Career Services.
Training workshops and one-to-one guidance also form part of the career assurance initiatives of the Centre. The Centre considers information empowerment as one of its prime functions and provides career information, advice and guidance to all students and graduates to aid and accelerate their transition into employment and further study. We also provide services to external organizations, employers and wider community in making available to them adhoc personnel for work of brief tenure nature. Ready listings are always available to the students on the following from the centre: Latest local student jobs, latest graduate-level vacancies, latest PG level openings, latest voluntary opportunities and job hunting advice. What does the centre offer?

Vocational Guidance :

  • Choosing a career
  • Career planning
  • Managing career change

Employability Skills :

  • Job search
  • Writing or updating your CV
  • Completing job applications
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Finding part time employment to complement your studies


  • Planning the next stage of your studies
  • Choosing and applying to Higher Education (University)
  • Exploring study abroad
  • Evaluating qualifications from other countries


  • Exploring volunteering opportunities
  • Finding independent work experience opportunities(University)

Reprographic facilities are provided in the enquiry counter, Annex, Social centre and Library.

Extension Activities
The extension work undertaken by the college is academic as well as unacademic. Under academic extension programs, our faculty and students extend their expertise to folks who need it but are not readily available to them. The Science department that takes their lab equipment to schools where these apparatuses are not available is a case in point. The English literature PG students who take care of the high school students who grapple with tough areas of English language we consider as extension work.

Vocational Centre
The college has a vocational centre where those interested can seek training in a number of skills ranging from binding and embroidery to computer programs and fashion technology. Some of the courses are run by BSS and on successful completion of the course the students are issued certificates by BSS.

Fashion Technology
The Vocational Centre attached to the college has introduced a Module course on Fashion Technology, an area in which skilled professionals are now widely sought after in the job market. The technology also equips women with self employment potential

Community Extension Service
The college is well aware of its existence as a social institution and acknowledges its debt to the community and it seeks to repay what it owes to the community in the form of various services it offers to the society. It includes the attempts it makes in educating the masses in skills and techniques which include the various courses it has designed and introduced for the general public. The expertise and know how available in the campus freely flows to the society in finding solutions to some of its problems of daily life

 Dolce Library
The library stands as a lasting monument of college’s commitment to the society. The college established the library as its Silver Jubilee gift to the nearby colony of the depressed classes, the lighthouse that spreads enlightenment to the entire inhabitants. The college donates Rs. 500 worth of books to the library every year and ensures its upkeep and growth.

Faculty Gathering
Monthly faculty meeting to discuss the plans, patterns and progress of curricular and co-curricular activities is a regular feature of this college. The agenda may at times include the work arrangements of the faculty, the announcement of an impeding important event or the welcome offered to a new teacher.

Disabled Students-Facilities
The college is committed to promoting a positive attitude to disabled people and to creating the conditions in which all students can participate fully in the academic, social and recreational life of the campus. The campus is generally accessible, although wheelchair users sometimes have to take an alternative route. The college has a program of improvements to existing facilities and aims to incorporate high standards of disabled access into all new buildings. The college accommodation also caters for a range of needs with well designed rooms for wheelchair users, students with allergies and breathing problems, and hearing impairment. The Disabled Students Program (DSP) offers a variety of academic support services to students with documented long-term or temporary disabilities. These disabilities include both visible (mobility issues, blind or low vision, deaf or hearing loss) and hidden disabilities (learning, psychological disabilities, and chronic or acute health issues). Academic support services include, as appropriate, note takers and exam accommodations.

Interactive language laboratory
The College has an interactive Language Laboratory established with the purpose of improving the Spoken English Language skill of the students which is considered a key ingredient of an impressive personality by the industry. Kerala, being a state where the college students are known to have inadequate communication skill in the English language, has been lagging behind in recruitments made by the multinationals to fill the large number of vacancies they have every year. Students of all classes irrespective of their chosen optional are provided training by competent teachers specially trained for the purpose. Training is also imparted to face competitive exams like TOFEL, GRE, GMAT & GATE with confidence and ease. Providing training to the students to develop the ability to communicate in other languages like French, German and Japanese is being very seriously thought about.

Sundry facilities

  • Round-the-clock uninterrupted water supply
  • Parking Facilities for Two wheelers and four wheelers
  • Intercom and Telecom Facilities (STD/ISD inclusive)
  • Low Price stationery sales outlet
  • Reprographic Facilities
  • Gymnasium
  • On-Campus Post Box & Police Beat Box


In an age when catholic spirit is fast losing its grip on the highly material life style of the young, the campuses have the moral responsibility to provide Spiritual support and pastoral care for the students. The college has sensed this need more than ever and have provided for every possible facility to take care of the spiritual needs of the campus community. The campus has a chapel for the spiritually inclined and a prayer meeting committee to arrange for the weekly prayer meeting and monthly holy mass for the staff and the students. The chapel functions as a solemn silent abode for quiet reflection, worship and conversation between students and staff of all faiths or none. Facilities include a large Common Room with easy chairs. The chapel also stands as the ultimate tower of strength of those who find themselves forlorn in the face of despair and despondency.

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