Governing Body

Governing Body 2018-19

Dr. Sr. Ranjana  (Manager)
Dr. S. Salil(UGC Nominnee)
Dr.Fathimathu Suhra(State Govt. Nominee)
Dr.Elyas (University Nominee)
Dr. Sr. Lissy Anto P   (Principal)
Mr. Anand Menon  (Industrialist)
Dr. Sr. Annie Kuriakose (Management representative)
Dr. Sr. Lilly P L(Management representative)
Dr. Sr. Anis K V(Management representative, Vice Principal)
Sr.Siji P D(Management representative, Vice Principal)
Dr. Asha Thomas, Associate Professor, Dept. of English            
Dr. Meena Thomas, Associate Professor, Dept. of Botany

Governing Body 2016-18

Dr. Sr. Lilly P L (Principal)
Dr. Sr. Ranjana (Manager)
Dr. Salil S (UGC Nominee)
Dr. D Retnaraj (University Nominee)
Mr. Anand Menon (General Manager, KSE Ltd.)
Dr. Sr. Annie Kuriakose (Education Councillor, CHF)
Dr. Sr. Rosa K D (Councillor, Pavanatma Province CHF)
Dr. Sr. Lissy Anto P (Vice Principal)
Dr. Sr. Lilly Kachappilly (Vice Principal)
Dr. Mangalambal N R (Head. Dept. of Mathematics)
Dr. Asha Thomas (Assoc. Prof., Dept. of English)

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