Department of Botany


Women empowerment & to make women the true lovers of nature to attain ideal womanhood”


“To make women ethically strong and to create an awareness of nature to conserve nature”

Goals & Objectives

Character formation is the essence of any sound educational system which will lead to the creation of ideal families. Our aim is to enable the student to live & let live, to love & to be loved, and to learn & imbibe a legacy from nature. Through Botany we help the students to turn back to Mother Nature that is to make them true lovers of nature for attaining ideal womanhood. Thus the future generation will be well protected and guided in a healthy way by educating women.

Regular Course

The Department is offering a 3 year Bachelor’s Degree Course in Botany (B.Sc  Core Program in Botany) with Chemistry and Zoology as subsidiaries.

Botany Programme Syllabus

a) Core options-

Methodology and perspectives of science

Microtechnique and Horticulture

General and Bioinformatics

Microbiology, Mycology, Phycology, Lichenology and Plant pathology

Angiosperm morphology, Plant anatomy, Reproductive Botany & Palynology

Bryology, Pteridology, Gymnosperms and Palaeobotany

Angiosperm systematics, Economic Botany and Ethnobotany

Environmental Science, Phytogeography, Evolution

Plant physiology, Metabolism and Biochemistry

Cell biology, Genetics and Plant breeding

b) Elective options -

Genetics and Crop improvement

c) Open course -

Horticulture and Nursery management

Certificate Courses-.

Horticulture Techniques-90hrs


G-Tec Operator-90hrs


Paper making from plant fibre-90hrs

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