Department of Physics


The pursuit of ultimate truth and beauty, in the physicist’s way, to mould a world of happier and healthier families.


To train women in the scientific way of life, rooted deep in human values and virtues.


Goals and Objectives

All students should have an operational knowledge in the principal areas of physics. All students should develop the necessary skills to effectively communicate their scientific knowledge. Students are provided with adequate preparation for career paths leading to the fields of software industry, education and other professions. 


By giving lectures, conducting state and national level seminars, inter and intra collegiate Quiz competitions, introducing the standard textbooks, journals, relevant websites etc.Compulsory seminars for each student in a specific area adopting modern technology.






Contact Details

Contact Person:

Ms. Tresa K.R.




Department of Physics

St.Josephs College, irinjalakuda - 680121


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