Department of English


English for Empowerment



To train young women in English language skills and to impart the values of life mirrored in literature thereby moulding them into integrated personalities fit for the globalized world.


Goals and objectives:

To impart an in depth awareness of the various genres and critical theories of English Literature and Language to the students of English Literature and to develop proficiency in communication skills in the students in general.


Department Profile:

The Department of English, St Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda started functioning along with the inception  of the college in 1964, teaching English as Part I  component  to Pre-Degree students, and to the undergraduate students from 1967 onwards. During the initial years of its formation it was staffed by a competent team consisting of Prof. Meenakshy Thampan, Rev. Sr. Mary Pastor and Miss. Thankamma Job with Prof. George Kuruvilla as the Head of the Department. Rev. Sr. Franco, the Founder Principal was also on the faculty of the department.



       In 1981, a Degree Course in English Language and Literature was started with British History and Sociology as subsidiary subjects. In 2001, the Department became full-fledged with the introduction of the Post graduate course in English Language and Literature. The Department has been upgraded to the status of a Research Centre, in 2012 under Calicut University.  The present strength of the faculty is 11 with three Associate Professors, seven Assistant Professors and one guest lecturer. 


A Brief History of English Department

Inception of the Department :


Commencement of the UG Main Programme:


Commencement of the PG Programme:


Upgradation as Research Department:


Sanctioned strength of the students in the Department:


              UG = 40+40+40 = 120

              PG = 20+20 = 40

Retired Faculty of the Department


  1. Late Rev. Sr. Mary Franco CHF (Founder Principal)
  2. Rev. Sr. Mary Pastor CHF (Retd. as Principal)
  3. Mrs. Meenakshy Thampan Ex. MLA (Retd. as H.O.D.)
  4. Rev. Sr. Philo Ivantia CHF  (Retd. as Principal)
  5. Rev. Sr. Rosalind S.A.B.S.
  6. Mrs. Mary Vithayathil (Retd as H.O.D.)
  7. Dr. Vimla K. Menon
  8. Mrs. Marykutty George
  9. Dr. Mary Williams
  10. Dr. Anne Mary K. Manavalan
  11. Dr. Radha P.S. (Retd as H.O.D.)
  12. Dr. Rani Paul Ukkan (Retd as H.O.D.)
  13. Dr Sarala Joyce Christopher (Retd as H.O.D.)

Regular Annual Programmes of the Department of English


  1. Faculty Exchange Programme (with Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy)
  2. Faculty & Student Extension Programme (Academic/Non-Academic)
  3. UGC Add-on Programme  - Communicative English 
  4. Poets’ Day Celebration
  5. Endowment Lecture
  6. Intercollegiate Literature Quiz Sagesse Lit (Sr. Mary Franco Memorial  Quiz)
  7. Student Manuscript, Litt Script
  8. Bridge Course
  9. Outreach Programme

Other Special Programmes conducted


  1. UGC National Seminars (2004, 2011)
  2. International Workshop (2008)
  3. Faculty Consultancy Programme (2006 – 2012)
  4. Musical Magica – Western Classical Music Concert (2007)
  5. Speak English Project (2008)
  6. Green Earth Project (2011)
  7. Beauty and Health Care  - Certificate Course (2011 – 12) 



UGC Minor Projects Granted

 Dr Rani Paul Ukkan.

1. Stage Adaptation of Prescribed Plays for College Students (2007 – 2008)

2. English in Scientific Research Writing (2009 – 2011). (Completed)


Dr. Asha Thomas

The Cultural, Psychological and Linguistic Impact of Exclusive Children’s Channels on the Pre-Adolescent Child. (2010 – 2012) (Ongoing)


Ms. V.S. Sujitha.

Creating A Female World: A Study of Julie Taymor's Movie Adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest (2013 - 14), (Sanctioned) 


Ms Sonima K.K.  

Exploring the Personal Idiom: The Role and Relevance of Feminist Theatre Movements in India.  (2013 - 14),  (Sanctioned) 


Books Published by Students 


  1. Jalakireedam: Poems and Dairy Notes  by Ms. Shanitha Immanuel. Published by Santa Maria Books, Irinjalakuda -  II PG English (2007) 
  2. To Unveil the Unknown by Ms. Lijoy Joy - III UG English  (2002)



Programmes conducted in 2012 – 2013


  1. Intercollegiate Literature Quiz Sagesse Lit (September 2012)
  2. Bridge Course (August 2012)
  3. Add-on Course in Communicative English
  4. Certificate Course in Beauty and Health Care 
  5. Invited Talk on Personality Development (September 2012)
  6. PET Exams for Freshers  (September 2012)
  7. Student & Faculty Extension Programme (Non-Academic) ( September - December 2012)
  8. Endowment Lecture (January 2013)
  9. Poets’ Day  - 2012 – 2013 (14th March, 2013)
  10. Faculty Exchange Programme (18th  & 19th  March, 2013)
  11. Outreach Programme ( 2nd February 2013)
  12. Release of Student Manuscript (February 2013)
  13. Skit Competition (9th January, 2013)
  14. Debate Competition by English Club 28th October, 2012




Programmes Scheduled for  2013 – 2014



  • UGC NET Coaching  (July 2013) 
  • Bridge Course (July 2013) 
  • Add-on Course in Communicative English (July 2013) 
  • PET Exams   (July 2013) 
  • Intercollegiate Literature Quiz Sagesse Lit (September 2013) 
  • Certificate Course in Beauty and Health Care  (September, 2013) 
  • Student & Faculty Extension Programme (Non-Academic) ( September - December 2013) 
  • Drama Competition (December, 2013) 
  • Endowment Lecture (January, 2014) 
  • Poets’ Day  - 2013 – 2014 (January, 2014) 
  • Faculty Exchange Programme (January, 2014) 
  • Outreach Programme (February 2014)
  • Release of Student Manuscript (February 2014)

Contact Details

Contact Person:

Dr Shali Anthappan, HOD


Ph: +91-480-2825358, 2830954, Fax: +91-480-2830954.


St. Joseph's College,
Irinjalakuda, Thrissur Dist.,
Kerala, India.

PIN - - 680 121



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