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The vision of the department is the formation of a group of dedicated women with the vision of a better world which they build in co-operation of other. It is our vision to equip young ladies to be qualified in the competitive employment market and to augment the status and dignity of women in family and society and to be bread winner of the family.


In the present scenario of higher education, educational institutes have significant role in contributing reformative goals for social developments. The department promotes a culture that supports professional grooming, freedom to initiate, innovate and experiment an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust and cultural enrichment. The mission will enable young women to be constructively involved in the life of the less privileged and be the cause of social change.

Goals & Objectives:

To mould globally competent professionals for the corporate world by providing value based advanced knowledge and skills. To impart advanced knowledge to the students. This helps them to enhance their performance. To strengthen teacher-student relationship whereby the students can be motivated to become matured and balanced personsand thus face the challenges of life

Departmental Self Supporting Certificate Programs

Tally Graduation & Personality Development Commerce
Practical Accountancy for Professional Accounts & Tax Practitioners
Accounting in Computer

Consultancy services

Calculation of tax and filing of returns for the faculty of other departments
Research consultancy services to research scholars for taking up major/minor projects.
Guidance classes on research methodology
Consultancy services for completing project work for degree of P.G diploma in Project Management


Contact Details

Contact Person:

Soumya Stephen A




Assistant Professor

S.Josephs College



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