Extension Activities

Extension Activities

The extension work undertaken by the college is academic as well as unacademic. Under academic extension programs, our faculty and students extend their expertise to folks who need it but are not readily available to them. The Science department that takes their lab equipment to schools where these apparatuses are not available is a case in point. The English literature PG students who take care of the high school students who grapple with tough areas of English language we consider as extension work.


A new social service project CASP started functioning in the campus. Twenty-five poor school children of the BPL (Below Poverty Line) group of the locality have been adopted to be taken care of. The CASP takes complete responsibility of educational, physical, emotional, spiritual and other developmental needs of the children under its care. They are offered tuition facilities if they are under achievers and are counseled at the right stage to avoid getting misguided by anti-social elements. Their parents also are offered opportunity to get involved in some of their activities so that they are convinced of the good intentions and designs of the Program. The children are taught to live in complete harmony with the society composed of members of various religious and cultural groups so that they are not carried away by the tempting rewards offered to them by anti-socials. The functioning of the CASP has been going on for the last several years and the program is today hailed as one of the most effective non-governmental support initiatives that takes utmost care of the needy and the deserving.

DARSANA Family Counseling Centre

Darsana, the on-campus professional Counseling centre of the college provides solace and succor to the students and the public who suffer from the stress and strain of life experiences. The timely help rendered by two full-time counselors available at the centre has succeeded in bringing many students and families back to joyful life from the brink of break down. The centre has floated several programs such as school and institutional counseling, hospital counseling, awareness programs like marriage preparation courses, extension classes etc. But its flagship program is the de-addiction centre attached to it. It works in close association with the AA (Alcoholic Anonymous)

Vocational Centre

The college has a vocational centre where those interested can seek training in a number of skills ranging from binding and embroidery to computer programs and fashion technology. Some of the courses are run by BSS and on successful completion of the course the students are issued certificates by BSS.


Computer Centre

The Computing resource bay addresses an array of general student support services like computing, word-processing, reprography, printing, communication etc. in addition, the centre offers short-term sessions beyond college hours in general computer instruction or programming languages associated with Information Technology to update computing skills or reinforce existing ones. Regardless of their optional, students can visit the Computing Center for assistance in computing-related questions or course work. Students are always encouraged to join computer progression courses at the time of admission, so that they can qualify themselves in computer education, along with the completion of the degree course. It assists students also with writing projects that include class writing assignments, personal statements, resumes and cover letters, and creative writing. A full time qualified consultant is available for students seeking help at any point in the writing process: brainstorming, developing a thesis, organizing, revising, using sources, and editing. Students may also come to the Center with questions about usage and grammar of the language they make use of.

Fashion Technology

The Vocational Centre attached to the college has introduced a Module course on Fashion Technology, an area in which skilled professionals are now widely sought after in the job market. The technology also equips women with self employment potential

Community Extension Service

The college is well aware of its existence as a social institution and acknowledges its debt to the community and it seeks to repay what it owes to the community in the form of various services it offers to the society. It includes the attempts it makes in educating the masses in skills and techniques which include the various courses it has designed and introduced for the general public. The expertise and know how available in the campus freely flows to the society in finding solutions to some of its problems of daily life


Dolce Library

The library stands as a lasting monument of college’s commitment to the society. The college established the library as its Silver Jubilee gift to the nearby colony of the depressed classes, the lighthouse that spreads enlightenment to the entire inhabitants. The college donates Rs. 500 worth of books to the library every year and ensures its upkeep and growth.

Value Education

Reinforces sense of values in young minds in world devoid values

Faculty Gathering

Monthly faculty meeting to discuss the plans, patterns and progress of curricular and co-curricular activities is a regular feature of this college. The agenda may at times include the work arrangements of the faculty, the announcement of an impeding important event or the welcome offered to a new teacher.