Disabled Students-Facilities

The college is committed to promoting a positive attitude to disabled people and to creating the conditions in which all students can participate fully in the academic, social and recreational life of the campus. The campus is generally accessible, although wheelchair users sometimes have to take an alternative route. The college has a program of improvements to existing facilities and aims to incorporate high standards of disabled access into all new buildings. The college accommodation also caters for a range of needs with well designed rooms for wheelchair users, students with allergies and breathing problems, and hearing impairment. The Disabled Students Program (DSP) offers a variety of academic support services to students with documented long-term or temporary disabilities. These disabilities include both visible (mobility issues, blind or low vision, deaf or hearing loss) and hidden disabilities (learning, psychological disabilities, and chronic or acute health issues). Academic support services include, as appropriate, note takers and exam accommodations.

St. Joseph’s College