Non Residential Centre

Whether you come to the campus from away home or from a relative’s facility nearby, as a non-resident, you bring local color and culture to the campus. To unwind and relax in between classes you are offered a spacious place where the atmosphere is always kept informal. Provided with even a few beds for those who may fall sick all of a sudden, it has everything a home usually must essentially have. And if all that you need is to read an unacademic book for the release of the tense academic pressure, indeed, you have a few comfortable lean-back chairs in the centre. If you chose to bring something to eat and enjoy in the company of your friends, there is enough facility for that too, if you are careful enough to make use of the premises with enough neatness. Stay on campus late one evening and watch a movie or a play, of course, the Centre will take care of your need to change to your evening wear and dress up for the occasion. Night’s stop-over, however, requires the authorization of the Principal.

St. Joseph’s College