Alumnae Association

St. Joseph’s is proud of her executive array of ardent alumni. College offers an opportunity for all outgoing students to be the members of alumnae association. Membership fee is Rs. 100/-

The Annual get together of the Alumnae is held every year on January 26th. The association publishes a news letter which acts as a link between the former students and the Alma - mater. The association also extends financial aid to the running of the college Public Telephone Booth. Alumnae has also instituted a ‘Marriage Fund”




Alumnae committee members 2016-17

1 Ms. Sumina M. S. Convenor Dr.Devi.E.H
2 Ms. Sini Varghese Joint Convenor  
3 Ms. Reshma Joshy Executive member  
4 Ms. Anju K. P. Executive member  
5   Executive member  


Alumnae committee members 2016-17

1. Alumnae committee meetings: Almost every month alumnae committee meeting is arranged to discuss about the activities mentioned in the year plan.

2. Alumnae executive meeting: Once in each term of the year, Alumnae committee members together with executive members gather and discuss about the activities in the presence of Principal & Vice principal and take important decisions for the smooth running of alumnae association in the college.

3. Alumnae meet on 26th January: Every year 26th January is assigned as Alumnae Day. Alumnae meet will start 9.30 am and will be over by 1.00 pm. After lunch departmental Alumnae meet will be held. Alumnae meet include the following events

a) Self introduction by all alumnae members: Each alumnae member will self introduce focusing the academic achievements and Present family status.

b) Send off to the retiring members in the faculty & staff: Send off meeting and memento presentation to the retiring members is arranged. During this occasion Alumnae members will felicitate their teachers and non teaching staff who are retiring the current year.

c) Best Alumnae Award: In the year 2011-2012 Alumnae association started giving Best Alumnae award based on the academic achievements and social activities. The application form will be published in the college website. From the application received a judging committee will decide the award winner .

 Click here for application

d) Selection of the queen of the Day : Queen of the day will be selected from the alumnae members and a special prize will be given to the queen.

e) Release of the news bulletin: Every year Alumnae committee publishes a news bulletin giving the achievements of the faculty members & the alumnae members. Important departmental activities will be published in the bulletin. Last year a name was given to the bulletin as Domus Josfite.

f) Giving financial help to a needy student. The money collected during the alumnae meet will be given to a needy student.

g) Cultural programs by the children of alumnae: The children of alumnae members will perform various cultural programs during the meet.

h) Trophy to the best department -based on the percentage of participation in the meet.

i) Group games: Various group games are arranged for the participants & prizes are distributed for the winners.

j) Prize distribution: As a token of love each alumnae member will be given a small memento.

k) Photo session: At the end of the meeting a photo session is arranged.

4. Investiture ceremony of III.DC students: At the end of March an official send off will be given to the III.D.C students. In that occasion an introduction about the alumnae association was given to the outgoing students. Principal will lead the oath taking ceremony.

5. Send off to the Retiring Alumnae member in the faculty &staff: Every year an unofficial send off is given to the retiring alumnae member in the faculty &staff by the alumnae members of the existing faculty &staff. Principal will preside over the meeting and Felicitations are given. Retiring faculty will share her experiences. After tea photo session is arranged.

6. Investiture ceremony to the P.G. outgoing students: In addition to the usual alumnae meet on 26th January, Personal invitation letter was forwarded to each alumnae member and the notification was published in the website and in the leading News papers. It was a golden opportunity for the students of early batches to meet their friends & teachers.