College publications

The Commentator


Commentator is the Lab Journal published by our Journalism and Mass Communication Department every month. A four-page print publication in tabloid format, it primarily compiles snippets on the college and from the college. It is not a priced publication and its circulation is limited to the campus.



Almost all the departments bring out manuscript magazines every year; a few of them bring out more than one.

  1. The Nature Club’s magazine   Haritha dwells chiefly on the man-nature relationship
  2. The   Biotech Focus , the Mss. Mag of the PG Department of Biotechnology is completely devoted to the student responses to the latest trends and tendencies in this area of knowledge
  3. Resonare , the manuscript of the Physics Students, focuses on the latest developments in Physical Sciences with special reference to the space and its explorations.
  4. Literature Manuscript : The Dept. of English brings out every year three manuscripts, one each by the first, second and third year students of the degree program, and all compilations of the literary attempts of the students of the respective classes.
  5. Rhythm of Chemistry : the manuscript Magazine published by the Department of Chemistry