True education is an ornament in times of prosperity and a refuge in times of adversity. This institution seeks to graduate women as skilled, refined, innovative, service-oriented professional promoters of inter-cultural understanding and sustainable economic development. Located on the outskirts of Thrissur district, it has remained for the last four and forty years a centre for hundreds of women to stay and study rewardingly. In a vibrant and dynamic environment, we have been able to cater for the academic growth of a large number of heterogeneous women, many of whom did not have previous opportunities to develop their potential as much as they wished.

  Thus spoke the Principal on the faculty behind the change:

"At the heart of this institution our faculty believes that every student is to be known, loved, respected, and challenged, and that they serve as role models to them. They ever try to hold themselves to high standards as role models because they know, students "learn them" more than they learn subject matter. This provides us with a unique opportunity to model ourselves to our students in scholastic and moral disciplines that can last a life time. As the Principal I am the lead teacher, not the administrator alone, and my role, I fully realize, is to raise my institution during my tenure to the highest standards of virtue, integrity, and scholarship."

 Women’s colleges are still thought of as academic convents. Alumnae, however, testify that their experiences gave them the singular benefit of learning and living among a select group of intelligent, ambitious women, all the opportunities such a campus offers wholly left to them to make use of. In several key areas, St. Joseph’s has performed higher including in the proportion of entrepreneurs produced and leadership training received. Additionally, the alumnae testify, the reputation of their alma mater played a major role in getting into greater institutions or obtaining their first job. The potential benefits of a college that focuses exclusively on fostering the hopes and desires of young women are undeniably numerous. On a co-ed campus there may be pressure to impress guys instead of concentrating on a career or discovered talents that she was completely unaware of in high school.

 "I chaired the college functions,” says Dr. Geetha Mary Thomas, now the Asst. VP (Resource Management), California State University, Northridge, CA 91330-8275, noting she would have had to compete with men for an edge, had she been in a co-ed setting." Popularity at a women's college, as is generally believed, isn’t about clothing, hairstyles or physical charm,” she adds, “but about your convictions, your passion and your actions."

St. Joseph’s is, however, more than a college. Ever since it was founded in 1964 it has been constantly evolving to respond to the educational needs of thousands of suburban women of mediocre means. By continually building on its long history of expertise in women’s education, the college has been functioning also as a platform for robust productive debate on issues relevant to our changing society and this has groomed its products into agents of change distinguished by their intellect, integrity, service motivation and moral vision.

 Goals And Objectives:

    •  Providing qualitatively upgraded education and personality enhancement to utilize opportunities offered by the times, at a global level.
    •  Endowing women with a purpose and vision to be ideal mothers and citizens.
    •  Imparting education that is functionally useful, socially relevant and morally uplifting to meet the challenging demands of the present society.

 Infrastructural Facilities:

      • Internet Enclave and Reprographic Centre attached Computerized library of about 60,000 volumes of books, 305 journals and periodicals, and 1025 CDS and Cassettes for accessing 75000 E-books and 3000 E-Journals.
      • Residential complex attached Indoor Stadium of 5,000 plus capacity. Extensive Playgrounds for all sorts of outdoor games and athletics
      • Decennial Auditorium of roughly 2,000 seats
      • Fully equipped Fitness Centre for Staff, students and the public
      • 4 Computer labs  with over  200 systems of state-of-the-art configurations
      • 3 Hostels for about 350 students and staff
      • Non Residential Student Centre
      • Family Counseling Centre-Darsana
      • Mother Mariam Theresa Seminar Hall
      • Audio Visual Suite
      • Sr. Mary Franco Memorial  Block for new generation Courses
      • Communication Centre with STD, ISD and FAX facilities
      • College Chapel and Prayer Hall
      • Cafeteria
      • Social Work Centre
      • Bi-decennial Open Air Auditorium
      • Health Centre
      • Yoga Centre
      • High Tension Electricity Connection
      • Newly Built with a  3-storied Seminar Complex with smart A/C Seminar Hall.- Mariam Thressia Block
      • Eco friendly solar lamps and Biogas plant Rain Water harvesting
      • 15 CCTV cameras

 Outstanding features :

    • The unflinching support and unceasing motivation of the management
    • Unpoliticized, campus, faculty staff fraternity
    • Yearly passing out ceremony of new graduates
    • Sure shot Tutorial system
    • Regular staff visits to student families
    • On-the-campus Professional Counseling Centre, Darsana, that has rehabilitated several drop-outs and depressed students
    • Healthy competition among classes in Hygiene, order and discipline
    • Informative wall magazines competitively maintained by various departments
    • Totally unpoliticized college union elections and campus activities
    • Life-guidance course and Marriage preparatory for out-going students in conformity with our vision and mission
    • Cordial interpersonal relationship among the members of the faculty and between different faculties
    • Monthly staff and faculty meetings for planning and evaluation of each academic and non-academic activity
    • Ffaculty conducts 'University Results Evaluation sessions', following the declaration of results. This is usually a discussion session that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the teaching learning process practiced in the college
    • Daily meeting of Principal's Council
    • Regular Meetings of HOD's, the College Council and Managing Board
    • Encouragement to teachers to participate and organize various national, international and regional seminars
    • Stress on and priority for value-based education setting apart an hour a week for value education classes
    • Quality conscious  faculty, always keen on acquiring latest skills and information relevant to their discipline
    • Frequent gathering of the staff and their family in order to strengthen the inter-personnel relationships
    • Special place for Retired teachers among staff gathering
    • Honourable farewell to retiring teachers
    • Special support of all kinds amounting to about Rs. 2 lakhs for sports persons in the college every year
    • Spiritual orientation and open-to-all weekly prayer meeting
    • On-the campus celebration of all religious festivals to instill in students a spirit of harmony above caste, creed or religious prejudices
    • Due respectful homage to the departed family members of the staff, faculty and the students
    • Annual Alumnae Day (January 26)
    • Regular meetings of the Executive and General body of the PTA in addition to orientation classes for them.
    • PTA feedback on the functioning of various constituents of the college.
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