Staff Association

Every employee of the college, teaching or non-teaching, is a member of the Staff Association formed along with the birth of the college in 1964. As an umbrella organization that holds together all the employees of the college, its primary purposes are the following:

  • To provide an avenue of communication with administration, faculty and staff
  • To encourage and promote personal development and job improvement of staff employees
  • To serve as a forum whereby members may convey recommendations concerning working conditions, college policies, and other matters affecting them to the college administration
  • To promote the development of unity and a sense of identity among the Association members as a community of peers
  • To promote the objectives and general welfare of the college

At the core of the Association’s intention is the welfare of each and every employee. The Association reports to its Executive Committee. The following are the current year’s office bearers of the Association for the financial year 2016-17

1. Dr. Deena Antony Cl , Faculty President
2. Ms. Sameena Thomas , Faculty Secretary
3. Ms.Dhanya V.S ,Faculty Treasurer
4. Sr. Ally Antony

 Member, Exe. Committee

5. Mr. Davis A P Member, Exe. Committee

 Ms. Faicy K P

 Member, Exe. Committee
  • The officers shall be elected every other June for a one year term. Officers may succeed themselves once and may be re-elected after a one year interval.
  • The Executive Council shall consist of representatives elected from each category of employee working at the College. The officers shall also be members of the Executive Council.
  • The quorum for the decisions of a meeting of the Executive Committee to be valid is two.

The Executive Council shall fill any vacancies effective until the next election.

  • General meetings shall be held at least once a semester or at the request of the Executive Council, the officers or 10 members of the Association.
  • The Executive Council shall meet at least twice a semester or at the request of 10 members of the Association.
  • Notices of an agenda for general meetings shall be mailed to members at least one week in advance of the meeting. Special meetings may be called with 48 hours' written notice.
  • The minutes of all meetings of the Staff Association shall be posted on the designated bulletin boards within one week of committee approval of the minutes.
  • Staff members may join the Staff Association at any time during the year but the membership fee prescribed is payable for the whole year.