Dr.Sr.Christy, Principal of the College since April 2015 is a rare amalgam of piety, erudition and sagacity. She was Associate Professor and Research guide in the Department of Mathematics and the Vice Principal of the college before taking up the reigns of administration of the institution.A women of inner strength and fortitude, Dr. Sr. Christy is committed to sustain and augment quality at all levels of the institution for a stimulating campus life. Sr. has been instrumental inn the forward march of the college towards autonomy and the status of college with potential for excellence . An educationist of impressive scholarship and professional qualification, Sr. Christy excels in academic research, implementing innovation for campus students life, promotion of sports and culture, integration of ICT and extension work in programs of social commitment


Rev.Sr. Mary Franco (Founder Principal)
1964 to 1990
Rev.Sr. Loretta
1990 to 1992
Mother Mary Pastor
1992 to 1994
Rev.Sr. Marietta
1994 to 1996
Rev.Sr. Philo Ivantia
1996 to 2000
Rev. Sr. Vijaya
2000 to 2003
Dr. Sr. Ranjana
2003 to 2007
Dr.Sr.Anie Kuriakose
2007 to 2015