UGC Add on Programs

UGC add on course

Apart from the instruction provided for university affiliated UG and PG degrees, the college has provisions also for a number of add-on/enrichment courses. Three of them are UGC aided and university affiliated one year certificate courses and they are in the following disciplines:

i  Communicative English:

Coordinated by the Department of English, this one year add-on program is open to all the first year degree students in the college. The primary objective of the program is to ensure that the students who come out after their degree courses are able to communicate fluently and effectively as required by the industry. The program is so designed that on completion, most of the students acquire English language skills at the levels the industry wants them to have. So it is as a vocational skill development initiative that this program is offered. The course is affiliated to the University which conducts the examination and issues the certificate.

ii  Gemology

This is again one of the job oriented addition tagged to B.Sc Chemistry program. This State is chiefly known for the number of Jewelleries it has. Amazingly, this small state has hundreds of gold-sale-outlets and jewel merchants and the job opportunities they offer are abundant. These outlets need particularly women with a good grasp of jewels and gold. It was with this end in view that we designed this course. Forty eight students are trained every year. The syllabus covered includes designing of ornaments as well. Trained gemologist or designer can find attractive jobs in India or a sparkling career abroad.

iii  Yoga & Fitness Management

This one year certificate course is coordinated by the department of Physical Education and is open for all degree students of the college. The job area targeted is either in research or in Yoga therapy and fitness consultancy. The growing awareness visible among the young and the old alike these days about wellness and fitness provide ample scope for employment potential for the trained students. The course content also expands to the operational and management requirements of modern health and fitness facilities.