Recognitions and Awards


1. Dr. Aneesh E M department of Zoology received Young Scientist Award in 2010 from ISMOCD (ICMR Government of India).
2. Dr. Viji Mary Varghese of Department of Biotechnology was awarded Commonwealth Split site Doctoral fellowship from 2007 to 2008 at University of Nottingham, UK.
3. Dr. Sr. Viji M O of Department of Biotechnology is selected as a peer reviewer of International Journal of Science Domain.
4. Dr. Sr. T K Anee, the Principal of the college, Reviewer of International Journal of Nanomaterials and Technology (IJONMAT).
5. Dr. Rosebella K Puthur of Department of Chemistry and Dr. N R Mangalambal of Department of Mathematics have received letters of appreciation and Honorarium from Indian Academy of Sciences Bangalore for organising Science Academies" lecture/workshop in our institution.
6. Dr. N R Mangalambal - Reviewer of Zentralblatt MATH, Germany, An International Database edited by European Mathematical Society, FIZ Karlsruhe and Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften.
7. Dr.Sr. Lilly P L of Department of Mathematics is Reviewer of International Data bases, American Mathematical Society and Telcon.
8. Naijil George of Department of Biotechnology has received "The Best Panellist Award" in 2011 from IPGME&R, Calcutta.
9. Naijil George received "The Best Workshop Participant Award" in 2011 from IPGME & R, Calcutta.
10. Naijil George is elected as Joint secretary for Society for Biotechnologist (India) in 2012.
11. Dr. Beena Anto of Department of Botany is Reviewer of website
12. Dr. Rosilin Alex is reviewer of International journal "Biodegradation".
13. 13 members of our faculty received ,'Researcher in Science', 'Researcher in Humanities' and 'Teacher of the year' awards from Pavanatma Educational Society during the period 2007-2012.
•Dr. Sr.Anee T.K.    Best Principal Award (AIACHE), Sadguru Award (University of Calicut),

  Aacharya Sreshta Award (Citizen Forum)2013-2015, Convenor, Janamaitri Policing (2009-2015)

15 Dr. Aneesh E. M.     UGC Research Award 2015 
16 Dr. Gigi Poulose- Best NSS Programme Officer -State Award & University of Calicut Award, 2015


Teacher Awards


  2014-15 DR. Rose Anto DR. Rose Anto Dr. Sr.Christy
  2013-14 Dr. Philo Andrews Ms. Elizabeth   
1 2012-13 Dr. Rani M.J Ms. Ramya S Mr. Naijil George
2 2011-12 Dr.Mangalambal N R Dr. Rani Paul U Dr.Mangalambal N R
3 2010-11 Dr. Sr. Lilly P L Mr.Stalin Raphel Dr. Sr. Lilly P L
4 2009-10 Dr. Rani Paul U Dr.Sr. Rosa K.D. Dr.Pearly Sebastian
5 2008-09 Dr. Philo Francis Dr. Philo Francis Dr. Sr. Lilly P L
6 2007-08 Dr. Sr. Rose Anto Dr.Sr. Rose Anto Dr. Rani M.J