Student Support

The mission of the Student Support Services is to promote the academic success and holistic experience of students, especially undergraduates, by providing support in an accessible and respectful environment without compromising the core values of the college campus. We further provide advice and advocacy for students and act as a hub of resources, referrals, and information across their career path. There is no segment in the campus life of a student on this campus that has not been affected favorably by the working of the Students Support Facility offered. Let it be in their problems with the University or government offices or in finding solution o come of their personal problems, they can call on the SSS office and seek guidance and assistance and the office has never failed them. The SSS is positioned on the campus under the care and supervision of a senior faculty to ensure unfailing coordination among offices, faculty, and other stakeholders in serving students who need bureaucratic, academic, social, financial and mental health support.