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Anti Ragging

As advised by the University Grants Commission, the College has commissioned the anti-ragging mentoring scheme .The scheme envisages the aid and assistance of the senior students to the freshers in combating the ragging menace. A group of four or five first degree students are put under the charge of a senior student and the senior is entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the freshers under their charge in all matters, on the campus as well as in the hostel if the concerned freshers are hostel residents. The scheme offers the seniors the opportunity to offer their services for volunteering their time in a fantastic way to develop their mentoring skills and to make a difference to theirs and other students experiences. Our experience with the system so far has been highly encouraging, the mentors and the mentees expressing satisfaction over their conflict free their campus life and therefore we think that the system should continue with cosmetic changes in the years to come.




St Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda


Nodal Officer – Anti Ragging Measures



It is hereby notified for the information of the first semester Under Graduate and Post Graduate students that Dr Sr.Christy (Lilly P.L.)  has been appointed as the Nodal Officer for Anti Ragging Measures in our college. Complaints in respect of ragging, if any, may be lodged with her immediately after the incident for appropriate action.  Her complete access details are furnished below:


Name                                                              : Lilly P.L.


Designation                                                    : Associate Professor in Mathematics


Official Address with Tel. Number              : St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda-680121,

                                                                          0480 2825358


Residential Address with Tel. Number       : St. Joseph’s Convent, Irinjalakuda-680121,

                                                                           0480 2820401      


Cell Number                                                   : 9497062897


Email                                                               :







Compliance Report in Respect of Ragging Regulations

All arrangements have already been made by the institution for the compliance of the UGC instructions for curbing the menace of ragging in the University campus.

No case of ragging has ever been reported or detected in the college during half a century of its existence. However, the following steps have been taken as preventive precautionary measures:-

1)     An Anti-ragging committee and an Anti - Ragging squad have been formed in strict conformity with the instructions contained in the Regulations. A Nodal officer to connect the college with higher controlling institutions has also been appointed.

2)     Requisite information as called for by the UGC and the University has been posted in the college website.

3)     Exprers warning about ragging and the penal and statutory punishments that await the offenders have been incorporated in the college hand book and admission prospectus. The contact numbers of anti ragging helpline and the anti ragging committee, squad, faculty, hostel wardens etc. have also been posted in the same.

4)     Affidavits in English and Malayalam are made available to the students and their parents to sign at the time of admission to the college and the College hostel.

5)     On the opening day of the first term, the Principal addresses the new entrants and their parents and explains the expected code of conduct, and also stresses the resolve to fight ragging.

6)     Hoardings of anti-ragging measures are posted in prominent places in the campus.

7)     Arrangements are made with the local media to extent their support in giving adequate publicity against ragging.

8)     Vulnerable areas in the campus are closely watched by security staff , hostel wardens and anti-ragging squad , day and night.

9)     Darsana- the on - campus professional counseling centre- takes care of the fresher’s need arises.

10) Mentoring units with senior students have been formed in all Departments.

11) An Anti-ragging undertaking has been obtained from all employees as Departments call for.


The college is committed and resolved to fight the menace of ragging at all cost. All co- operation is extended to the authorities in the actions they take in this regard.


St. Joseph’s College St. Joseph’s College