Principal’s Message

Education is an ongoing exercise and a challenging one in these trying times. Even as the learners ready themselves for the changing patterns in educare, those who impart learning must also become equipped for the ongoing processes. Needless to say that institution, too, should fall in step with the growth in the instructional delivery.

The rise of St. Joseph’s has been steady and spectacular, but not surprising. I am pleased to be a pin in the machinery of the institution for the past decades. It is also a privilege to be in the driving seat for the last three years, to carry on the good work of my illustrious predecessors, to take the college to the elevated levels of the highway of higher education. I am immensely grateful to all the master builders – both who had laid the stones and those who had built upon it. It is a relishing, yet responsible effort to keep the structure intact and try and expand it by incorporating the evolving benchmarks and paradigms.

True that St. Joseph’s has achieved the status of Autonomy as well as that of College with Potential for Excellence in recent times. We are rated by NIRF as one of the most looked –up-to institutions placed 42nd in the Nation. Many more feats lie ahead of us to reach out for. We have not been lethargic so far; so we will keep up the momentum and march ahead for more milestones to reach.

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