Research Publications
Sl.No Department Type Title Published by Level Index Database Author
1 Botany Papers Musaceae of Andaman and Nicobar Islands with two new synonyms and one distributional record Rheedea International Google Scholar Alfred Joe
2 Commerce Papers A study on attitude of customers towards shopping malls Vistas International vistas Siby Linson, Jitha Thomas
3 Biotechnology Review Extracellular Matrix and traumatic brain injury Journal of neuroscience research, 2018 ISSN: 1097-4547 International Pubmed, Web of Science, SCOPUS, Science Citation Index, MEDLINE, Embase Naijil George and Herbert M. Geller
4 Biotechnology Papers Effect of Prirformospora indica on secondary metabolite production in hairy root cultures on Withania Somnifera poshitha variety International journal of Emerging Technology and advanced Engineering (ISSN:2250-2459) International nil Dr.Viji M.O and Neeba Wilson
5 Biotechnology Papers Studies on Phytohcemical,antimirobila and cytotoxic properties of Caesalpinia mimosoides leaf extracts VISTAS (ISSN: 2319-5770) (e-ISSN:2394-1138) 6(1),pp:51-56 International nil Dr.Viji M.O and Neeba Wilson
6 Biotechnology Papers Curcuma angustifolia rhizome extracts as reducing agents in synthesis of silver nanoparticles Romanian journal of biophysiscs (e-ISSN:1843424X) International nil Dr.Viji M.O and Neeba Wilson
7 Biotechnology Review Vermitechnology-A scenario of Substainable agriculture-A mini review VISTAS(e-ISSN:2394-1138) 6(1),pp:51-56 International nil Poornima Gopi
8 Mathematics Papers An Embedding Theorem For Locales Global Journal Of Pure and Applied Mathematics 2017, Volume 13, pp 3519-3530, ISSN 0973-1768 International SCOPUS Mangalambal N.R and Sabna K.S
9 Mathematics Papers Exchange Message Cryptosystem Base On Discrete Logarithm Problem Over The Extension Field Fp^n of the finite field Fp International Journal of Engineering Science Invention, Sept 2017, ISSN 2319-6734, 2319-6726 International Saju M.I and Lilly P.L
10 History Papers Religious Harmony in Punthenchira - A historical Study VISTAS National NA Bindhu V. M.
11 Zoology Papers "Hypericumjaponicum- a double headed sword to combat vector control and cancer Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology Accepted, In Press International na Sreedev P, AnoopKumar A N, Rebello S, Aneesh E M
12 Zoology Papers Biosynthesis and Technological Advancements of Biosurfactants. In: Varjani S., Parameswaran B., Kumar S., Khare S. (eds) Biosynthetic Technology and Environmental Challenges. Energy, Environment, and Sustainability Springer, International na Rebello S., Aneesh E.M., Sindhu R., Binod P., Pandey A
13 Chemistry Papers Quantum mechanical and electrochemical investigations on corrosion inhibition properties of novel hetrocyclic Schiff bases Growing Science International NA Nimmy Kuriakose, K. Joby Thomas, Vinod p. Raphael, C. Sini Varghese
14 Chemistry Papers Dioxidomolybdenum(VI) complexes of tridentate ONO donor aroylhydrazones: Syntheses, spectral and structural characterization. Elsevier International NA Bibitha Joseph, • A. AmbiliAravindakshan, • U.L. Kala, • M.R. PrathapachandraKurup
15 Biotechnology Papers .Fish scales as substrate for production of protease using liquid surface fermentation. Vistas (2017)vol.6, pp 121-126 International NA Surya P H, Arya K Asok, Asha Krishnan, Meera C Thokalath, Viji Mary Varghese
16 Biotechnology Papers Enzymatic activities and biochemical changes during the process of seed germination in Phaseolusaureus. VISTASVol 6. Pp. 33-39 International NA Kavitha.O, Anushara P, Haritha K H, Anna Kurian, Melna Mary C J and Sreelakshmi K V
17 Hindi Article Samkalin hindi kavitha mem mathruth ka chitran Maya publications National NA Dr.Shibi C

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