All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF )

All India Catholic University Students Federations (A.I.C.U.F) is an organisation meant to impart the values of compassion and service to the student community in Universities. The movement was initiated in 1924 at St Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappilly by Fr. Carty S.J. Our aim is to live up to the AICUF motto-“We are born into an unjust society and we are determined not to leave it as we have found it”.

 As an organization committed to secularism in society at large, Non-Christian students also are welcome to the organisation so that they may share its benefits by taking part in its cultural and social activities. AICUF tries to link the students to the emerging needs and realities of the university. The church and the wider society is fully functional in the campus in order to foster formation and personal holiness of catholic students and to enable them to participate in the work of the lay apostolate. The unit organizes programmes of catholic action to develop and strengthen Christian ideals and leadership. One of the urgent needs of the modern world is to have ideal, learned scholars and leaders who can face the situation squarely and introduce modes of living better suited for the present day generation. AICUF caters to this urgent need. To enable students to develop a critical awareness and analysis of the cause of global peace and to effectively commit themselves to the task of building a new society. AICUF also aims to motivate students mentally and spiritually and to guide them along the path of universal human brotherhood through service.



We celebrate AICUF Day which includes sessions, the Holy Mass, adoration, visit to pilgrim centers and Carol singing Competition, Crib making competition. Besides the AICUF Day, some of the standard AICUF activities include an annual retreat, personality development camp and monthly meetings and weekly prayer meetings. In the month of October we are conducting chain rosary and rally including all the faculty, staff and students. The annual retreat opens up new vistas of development for the new comers in our college. AICUF is proud to welcome a large number of new members to its family.  It is committed to its legacy to pass on the AICUF values and traditions to its students and to motivate them to work for societal change and progress. The marginalized and the downtrodden are at the centre of AICUF’s action plan.

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