St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Irinjalakuda has adopted five nearby villages as part of Unnat Bharath Abhiyan (Aloor, Kaduppassery, Anandapuram, Irinjalakuda (Part) and Pullur). Around 500 students and 5 Faculty from different departments have visited the villages for the socio-economic survey. Collection of data and conducting of the survey were done under the guidance of the local governing bodies. Assigned teachers with a team of students have conducted the survey in the villages. After the survey, the final report was screened by the District administrator and the natives of the respective villages. The outcome of the survey was quite surprising. Five villages had unique atmospheric nature. The villages have their own indigenous socio- economic nature. Unemployment, lack of sufficient toilet facilities, drinking water scarcity, old age problems , lack of moral and ethical values, l ack of women empowerment were the major problems traced out.

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) is a program inspired by the vision of transformational change in a rural area. Grasping knowledge from the villages about their socio-economic issues and implementing an ecofriendly output to the people was the mission carried out for a better tomorrow. UBA can be proud of the small accomplishment of leading small villages to the path of development through the educational institutions. St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Irinjalakuda has adopted five nearby villages: Aloor, Kaduppassery, Anandapuram, Irinjalakuda and Pullur. Around 500 students and 5 Faculty from different departments were selected to be a part of this noble venture. Five villages were visited on scheduled days. Multiple visits were done by the respective teams.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) is a flagship initiative of Kerala Startup Mission to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the student and academic fraternity in the educational institutions in the State of Kerala. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) of St. Joseph’s college is an organization that aims to create and promote the innovation and entrepreneurship skills among the faculty, students and common people of nearest locality. SJC IEDC started its activities actively from 2nd January 2021 onwards. The center is Awarded state level second best emerging IEDC of arts and science category 2022, state level Second best performer of IPL 2022 in arts and science category and ranked top three IEDC  in Thrissur District in IPL 2022.We at IEDC SJC host various training workshops, orientation programmes, speaker sessions and competitions to develop an ecosystem with required infrastructure that can enable students and faculty to sharpen their entrepreneurial skill sets and convert their potential ideas into successful innovation prototypes with industrial standards. SJC IEDC works as the aspirational platform to cater the needs of young student women entrepreneurs with innovative ideas of social relevance and there by introducing a culture of entrepreneurship inside campus which will strengthen our education system and there by promoting the national, social, and economic growth.

IEDC Objectives:

  • To promote an innovation driven entrepreneurship culture among the students, Faculty and Alumni.
  • To develop and promote commercially viable innovative product and solution from the students.
  • To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities of the society

Through the innovative ideas

  • To promote enterprise among budding technopreneurs and thereby creating more employment opportunities
  • To bridge the gap between Industry and Academia.
  •  Generate revenues through consultancy work and student start-ups.

Health is one of the most important factors in everyone's life. Health culture is something that should be in everyone's life. Sports as well as exercise are very good for developing health. Health and Sports Club is taking the initiative to promote health culture among faculty, staff and students of St. Joseph's College. Health culture promotes through various Health and Sports activities.

Aim and Objectives

  • To inculcate health culture among the faculty, staff, and students of the College.

  • Make fitness and sports activities as their habit.

  • Provide opportunity in various fitness and sports activities.


  • Awareness Classes

  • Fitness programme for obese students

  • BMI checking points

  • Yoga for health and wellness

  • Cycling for fitness

  • Fitness programme for all members

  • Health awareness posters

  • Checking the body status through Body Composition Analyzer 

  • Exercise Dance programmes

  • Videos related to health and sports

  • Open gym use

  • Free time sports involvement 

  • Conduct of fitness test

India is a unique nation, whose fabric has been woven by diverse linguistic, cultural and religious threads, held together into a composite national identity by a rich history of cultural evolution, coupled with a rousing freedom struggle that was built around the tenets of non-violence and justice. The spirit of mutual understanding amidst a shared history has enabled a special unity in diversity, which stands out as a tall flame of nationhood that needs to be nourished and cherished into the future. Time and technology have narrowed down distances in terms of connect and communication. In an era that facilitates mobility and out reach, it is important to establish cultural exchanges between people of different regions, as a means to further human bonding and a common approach to nation-building. The idea of a sustained and structured cultural connect between denizens of different regions was mooted by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during the Rashtriya Ekta Divas held on 31st October, 2015, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Hon’ble Prime Minister propounded that cultural diversity is a joy that ought to be celebrated through mutual interaction & reciprocity between people of different States and UTs so that a common spirit of under standing resonates throughout the country. Every State and UT in the country would be paired with another State/UT for a year, during which they would carry out a structured engagement with one another in the spheres of language, literature, cuisine, festivals, cultural events, tourism etc.

The broad objectives of the initiative are as follows

  • ToCELEBRATE the Unity in Diversity of our Nation and to maintain and strengthen the fabric of traditionally existing emotional bonds between the people of our Country;
  • ToPROMOTE the spirit of national integration through a deep and structured engagement between all Indian States and Union Territories through a year-long planned engagement between States;
  • ToSHOWCASE the rich heritage and culture, customs and traditions of either State for enabling people to understand and appreciate the diversity that is India, thus fostering a sense of common identity.
  • TOESTABLISH long-term engagements a
  • TO CREATE an environment which promotes learning between States by sharing best practices and experiences.


Some key activities which have been communicated to States for taking up suitably under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat are given below and this is an indicative list:

  1. Translation of at least 5 Award Winning Books, 5 award winning songs of One State in the Language of Partnering State.
  2. Identification of proverbs having similar meaning in the languages of the two States and their translation and dissemination for interchangeable use.
  3. Cultural Exchange Programmes between partnering States with the help of troupesidentified in the home State through Cultural Competitions.
  4. Exchange programme for Writers and poets etc. in the form of Literary Festivals.
  5. Culinary festivals with opportunity to learn culinary practices of partner State.
  6. Educational Tour by University Students reciprocally in the partnering States to bring out salient features of that State.
  7. Promotion of Home Stay culture for visitors from partnering States.
  8. Promotion of Rajya Darshan programme for tourists from partnering States.
  9. Organizing Familiarization Tours for the Tour Operators of one State to the partnering State.
  10. Exposure of students of one State to alphabets, songs, proverbs and 100 sentences in the languages of the partnering State.
  11. Encouraging the administration of oaths / Pledges in the two Languages of the pairing states.
  12. Inclusion of a few pages in the course books of schools in the language of the partnering State.
  13. Organizing Essay Competition among students in the language of the partnering State.
  14. Organizing Optional Classes in schools / colleges, where feasible, for learning the language of the partnering State.
  15. Organizing Drama(s) of other State in the educational institutions of the partnering State.
  16. Exchange of information on traditional Agricultural Practices and Forecasting among farmers in partnering States.
  17. Organizing Combined Tableau of Partnering States on the Occasion of 15th August and 26th January.
  18. Participation of Parade Contingents from one State in the Ceremonial Functions of the partnering State.
  19. Telecasting / Broadcasting of programmes of one State on the Regional TV/Radio channels of partnering States.
  20. Organizing Film Festivals in the State with Sub-Titles in the language of the partnering State.
  21. Encouraging fashion shows and frequent wearing of attire of the partnering State by the students and people of the State.
  22. Organizing National Quiz Competition in various languages on MyGov portal.
  23. Taking lead in organizing State Specific Quiz Competition on TV / Radio / MyGov portal in the language of the partnering State.
  24. Organizing Photography competition for the people of One State creating their portfolio on sites, places and objects in the Partnering State.
  25. Organizing Blog Competitions on Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.
  26. Organizing Cycling expeditions for the students / people of one State to the places in the partnering State.
  27. Organizing NCC, NSS Camps of students of one State at the locations in the partnering State.

 Department of Industries & Commerce, Government of Kerala formulated a scheme to set up Entrepreneurship Development Clubs in schools and colleges of the State to inculcate Entrepreneurial Culture amongst youth and equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to act as torch-bearers of Enterprise for the new generation. In our college ED club was started functioning in the year 2003. Since then club tries to build a culture of self independence through entrepreneurship. At present there are 170 members actively participating in the activities of the ED Club of our college. ED Clubs provide a platform for realizing business opportunities by arranging industrial visits, business awareness classes, practical sessions on skill development training, interaction with  successful entrepreneurs etc.

Objectives of the ED Club:

Ø  To inculcate entrepreneurial culture in students

Ø   To inculcate social virtues i.e., trustworthiness, integrity, hard work, discipline, honesty etc… as constituents of entrepreneurship.

Ø  To sensitize students on the real economic and  industrial development scenario of the state.

Ø  To bring in successful entrepreneurs and students on a common platform

Ø  To motivate the members to venture into the industrial activity

Ø  To educate members on various dimensions of industry

The college is self-sufficient with Institution's Innovation Council to promote the economic development of the region by supporting start-up companies. The local markets lead to job creation to nurture the young firms during their early years of growth. The college holds collaborative programs to help the new start-ups to succeed and the students explore the possibilities. The small businesses activities in the college support the students in their early stages of their career development to attain self-sufficiency. The initiatives of the college are supportive to the market conditions and entrepreneur requirements. The success rate of these programmes is high as they form teams and service providers. These non-profit start-ups encouraged by the college motivate the students to submit their ideas in their process of self-growth.


All India Catholic University Federations (A.I.C.U.F) at St. Joseph's College (Autonomous) Irinjalakuda is an organisation for the student community to impart the values of compassion and service. This organisation was started in 1924 at St Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli by Fr. Carty S.J. Both Christian and Non-Christian students are welcomed to be part of this organisation to share its benefits by  taking part in its cultural and social activities. The aim of AICUF is to foster personal holiness of catholic students and aid them to participate in the work of the lay apostolate. This  organization also aims to motivate students spiritually and mentally and to guide them along the path of universal human brotherhood through service.


Various prayers and programs that provide spiritual and mental awakening to the students are offered under the leadership of AICUF.  Holy mass, confession and adoration are organised in the college for the students and staffs. AICUF activities include Prayer meeting, A three day Divine Mercy Novena, celebration of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and spiritual empowerment program. Different types of competitions are conducted as part of Christmas celebrations. Every year in the month of March, St. Joseph’s feast is celebrated. Besides in the month of October, Rosary procession and annual retreat are conducted to opens up new vistas of  development for the freshers in the college. AICUF volunteers work tirelessly to enable students to work for social change and progress by passing on good values and traditions to the students. 

The Fine Arts Club of the college is the platform upon which the artistic as well as the aesthetic talents of our students are brought out. The function of the club is to enable the students to prove their mettle in the world of art and literature. The multifarious talents of the students are showcased through various programmes.

The club functions under the guidance of a committee of faculty members which is headed by a convenor. A Fine Arts secretary is elected by the entire student body, who co-ordinates the activities of the club. The college offers many opportunities to the students to exhibit their talents right from the beginning of every academic year.  A Talent Seeking programme is conducted to spot out the intrinsic talents of the freshers. The College Fine Arts Festival is conducted on an annual basis and competitions are held to trace out artists to represent the college in various arts festivals outside the campus. The selected students are professionally trained by competent masters, to represent the college in the competitions held at the D-Zone and the Inter-Zone University Arts competitions.The functions of the club culminate with the cultural fiesta during the Annual College Day celebrations.

Goals and Objectives

  • Create awareness about the blessings of Nature and the problems of Environment

  • Motivate the students to value Environment

  • Develop an attitude to work for the preservation and conservation of  Nature


  • Distribution and planting of tree seedlings

  • Conduct green audit of the campus

  • Conduct field trip activities

  • Conduct exhibitions on Environment

  • Conduct certificate course on Environmental Studies

  • Open Butterfly Garden

  • Conservation and protection of RET plants

  • Organizing various eco-friendly activities

  • Waste bins and composting bins are placed at respective sites to understand the importance of maintaining hygienic conditions.

  • Publish a manuscript ‘Thusharam’ annually

  • Popularise Aroma therapy, Desapushpam, Karkidaka kanji to understand the importance of medicinal plants

  • Organize dry day celebration and disease awareness programmes

Biodiversity Club undertake programmes to conserve biodiversity for sustainable development. The Biodiversity Club of the college was inaugurated on 25 th September, 2013 with an aim to equip younger generation about the need for conserving the biodiversity in an area for the benefit of the community and future generations. It is the 21 st Biodiversity Club of Kerala State Biodiversity Board (KSBB), Govt. of Kerala. The activities of the club include planting trees, conducting awareness sessions on biodiversity and its conservation strategies, participating in nature camps and bird watching programmes, undertaking studies on local biodiversity, observance of International Day of Biological Diversity on 22 nd May by conducting online quiz ‘BioDive’, and various competitions for students on topics related to various themes of biodiversity. The Biodiversity Club members has taken initiatives to make a bird friendly campus by providing water and feed facility for the birds in the college campus. 

Some of the activities undertaken are:

  • Biodiversity club members attended a two-day Nature Camp organized by Kerala Forest and Wild life Department at Vazhachal Forest Division from 09- 10 th December, 2016.
  • Inauguration of Bird Friendly Campus and ‘Oru veedinu oru kaadu’ (A Forest forA Home) programme by Dr E J Vincent, Dist. Coordinator, Kerala State Biodiversity Board on 31 st January, 2107.
  • In association with Kerala Forests & Wildlife Department and Birders sans Boarders, a ‘Bird Watch programme in the Kole Wetland’ was organised by the Department on 11th -12th November 2017.
  • Biodiversity club members attended a two-day Nature Camp organized by Kerala Forest and Wild life Department at Vallakadavu Forests of Periyar Tiger Reserve on 19-20th December, 2017.
  • 10 Biodiversity club members participated in the survey conducted in the Vellangalloor Panchayat by the Panchayat in association with Salim Ali Foundation for a project on Sustainable Development.
  • Every year, Zooweek is being celebrated in association with the Department of Zoology, on various topics related to biodiversity, with competitions for students in drawing, photography, mobile quiz, poster making etc.

Oratory club is to develop public speaking skills, confidence and the unique talents of the participating youths. The club organizes competitions and debates focusing on the improvement of communicative ability. The club provides opportunities for developing Public Speaking abilities, Communication Skills and Personality Development. The club aims at identifying students who are talented in quiz and also creating opportunities for them to sharpen their oratory skills. Elocution and debate competitions are conducted in the campus to improve the general knowledge and oratory skill of our students. The students are also given opportunities to represent the college in quiz competitions conducted by other institutions.

                Oratory Club of our college was inaugurated on 6th of August 2015 by Adv. A.T Jose, retired IPS officer and renowned cine-actor. The inaugural ceremony was held at MMT Hall, and was presided over by our Principal, Dr. Sr. Christy. This endeavour, initiated with the aim of moulding the oratory skills of students and to conduct various discussions amongst the club members upon various topics of current relevance. One topic was selected for each week upon which discussions were held. Students were given stage practice for overcoming stage fear and improving body language. Students were selected to the club through various steps [for the purpose of screening]- with special emphasis to Extempore  Speech Competition [both English and Malayalam]. An open forum was provided for students on a monthly basis for debates on various contemporary issues. The following members of our club won prizes in various Inter-collegiate competitions across Kerala. Mr. Jose Kuriakose, Assistant Professor, Department of History is in the charge of the Oratory club in the college


  • Speak for India Block level Debate competition organised by Federal Bank and Mathrubhumi was hosted by our college on 30/10/2017. The members of the oratory club coordinated the program successfully. We had brilliant speakers from various colleges ensuring wide participation and all the winners were conferred with their titles and prizes.

The following members of our club won prizes in various Inter-collegiate competitions:

  • ·  Ms. Thasleema C.N of 3rd BA English, won First prize in Calicut University D Zone Malayalam Extempore ;First prize  in Mock press and Extempore competition and was selected as the Best Individual in Sargapatham literary pentathlon held at Sacred Heart college  ,Thevara ;Won Speak for India block level and participated in the district level of the same ;Won first prize in the Grama Panchayat and block level Malayalam extempore competition of Keralolsvam and was selected for the district level of the same. Won first prize  in the Malayalam elocution competition conducted by FAS Konoor;Won first prize in Malayalam extempore conducted by Noottangasabha Irinjalakuda ; Qualified the Semi-Finals of the debate competition organised by Kerala Legislative Assembly.
  •    Ms. Claire. C. John of  3rd BA English, Won the Block ,District and Zonal levels of Speak for India Debate competition organised by Federal Bank and Mathrubhumi; Speak for India Semi-finalist; Won the Block, District and State levels of Declamation contest organised by Nehru Yuv Kendra ,Represented Kerala state in the National level declamation contest of the same held in Vishva Yuv Kendra, Delhi ;Won the Semi-finals of the Maria Philip Memorial Inter collegiate debate competition held in Coimbatore ,Won third prize in the south India level of the same held at Xavier Institute of  Management and Entrepreneurship ,  Bangalore ;Won First prize in the debate competition organised by Ernamkulam Insurance Institute,was selected as the Second Best Debater of the same Qualified the Semi Finals of  the debate competition organised by Kerala Legislative Assembly.
  • · Ms. Parvathy Arul Joshi  of 1st Bsc Chemistry; Won the Semi-finals of the Maria Philip Memorial Inter collegiate debate competition held in Coimbatore ,Won third prize in the south India level of the same held at XIME, Bangalore ;Won First prize in the debate competition organised by Ernamkulam Insurance Institute, was selected as the Best debater of the same. Won the block and district levels of Speak for India debate competition; Participated in the National Youth Parliament held in Pune; Won First prize in Dzone debate also won third prize in  Dzone Elocution; Won first prize in the power point competition organised by NSS ,Govt. Arts and Science college Kuttanallur

  • ·  Ms. Deepthi devassy of 2nd Bsc Chemistry; won First prize in Dzone debate; Won first prize in the power point competition organised by NSS ,Govt. Arts and Science college Kuttanallur.

  • ·  Ms Ayesha Mohammed Selman of First Biotechnology; Won the block  level of Speak for India debate competition organised by Federal bank and Mathrubhumi.

  • ·  Ms.Ganga Gopi of 2nd Bsc Botany, Won the block and district level of Speak for India debate competition organised by Federal bank and Mathrubhumi.


  • · Ms. Rohini Menon of third BA English, won First Prize in the state level PowerPoint presentation competition conducted by Sahitya Academy,Thrissur; Second prize in the state level debate competition held at St Xavier’s College,Aluva ; First prize in the state level extempore competition conducted by PRTC Calicut ; Second prize in the district level elocution competition conducted by Nehru Yuva Kendra , Thrissur ; Won in the block, district and zonal level of the Speak for India debate competition ;First prize in the South Indian level paper presentation competition conducted by Fatima Mata National College,Kollam.

  • · Ms. Devika  Krishnan of Third BA English, won Second prize in the state level debate competition conducted by St Xaviers College Aluva ; First prize in the district and state level elocution competition conducted by Nehru Yuva Kendra Thrissur; won in the block and district level of the Speak for India competition.

  • · Ms. Thasleema. C.N of Second BA English, won Second Prize in the  PC Chacko memorial Debate competition conducted by S B College Changanacherry; she was awarded with a consolation prize in the state level elocution competition held at Christ college, Irinjalakuda.

  • ·Ms Ayesha Mohammed Selman of First Biotechnology secured third place in the state level powerpoint presentation competition conducted by Sahitya Academy Thrissur;  won fourth Prize in the Bishop Jerome Memorial Paper presentation competition conducted by Fathima college Kollam

  • ·Ms. Claire. C. John of second BA English, won first Prize in the inter collegiate Elocution competition conducted at Christ college Irinjalakuda. Second place in the PC Chacko memorial  Debate competition  conducted by SB College Chanasserry.


  • ·Ms. Rohini  Menon of Second BA English, won First Prize in the English Essay Writing Competition in’ Sparsham’15’, the State Level Cultural Competition conducted by OASIS- The Pain and Palliative Care Unit; Second Prize in English Elocution Competition held at UC College, Aluva; Third Prize in Essay Writing Competition in ‘Sargapatham 2K15’ organized by Speakers’ Forum, SH College, Thevara; First Runner-up Position and Cash Prize worth Rs.10,000/-  in Crossfire Debate Competition  held at Mar Thoma College of Management and Technology, Perumbavoor; First Prize and Cash Award worth Rs.15,000/-  in the English Elocution Competition held in memory of Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer at PRTC, Calicut.

  • · Ms. Devika  Krishnan of Second BA English, won First Prize and Cash Prize worth Rs.5000/-  in Elocution Competition Evglottia-2015 held at St. Thomas College, Thrissur; Second Runner-up Position and Cash Prize worth Rs.7000/- in the Crossfire Debate Competition held at Mar Thoma College of Management and Technology, Perumbavoor; Second Prize and Cash Prize worth Rs.7000 in English Extempore Speech Competition conducted by Rotary Club, Mattancherry.

  • · Ms. Thasleema. C.N of First BA English, won Second Prize in the Debate Section of UGC Sponsored Workshop on Human Rights, at MES Asmabi College, P. Vemballur; Third Prize in English Elocution Competition Evglottia-2015 held at St. Thomas College, Thrissur.

  • ·Ms. Claire. C. John of First BA English, won Second Prize in the Debate Section of UGC Sponsored Workshop on Human Rights conducted at MES Asmabi College, P. Vemballur.

  • ·Ms. Elveena of First BSc Chemistry won Third Prize in the Debate Section of UGC Sponsored Workshop on Human Rights conducted at MES Asmabi College, P. Vemballur.

  • · Ms. Fathima Hanna of Second BA English won Third Prize in the Debate Section of UGC Sponsored Workshop on Human Rights conducted at MES Asmabi College, P. Vemballur.

  •  An Inter-Collegiate Extempore Speech Competition was held in our college under the auspicious of the club. This venture, held both in Malayalam and English [separately], bore the names ‘Blessed Mother Mariam  Thresia  Malayalam Extempore Speech Competition’ and ‘Venerable Father Joseph Vithayathil  English Extempore Speech Competition’ respectively. The competition was a success, with the participation from reputed colleges from different parts of Kerala.

The cell is intended to awaken the students’ awareness on issues related to women such as “women empowerment,” “consumer protection act,” and “women’s rights.”  The cell promotes the all-round development, fosters leadership qualities and creates a social awareness in the students through extension and outreach programmes. Students are encouraged to develop their inherent talents, create new skills and empower themselves through the various initiatives undertaken by the cell.  Orientation programmes and workshops aimed at promoting self-esteem, confidence and self-defence are also arranged to equip the members to face life in a better manner.  They are empowered to face the challenges of today’s globalized world. The cell has won the best women development cell award in 2015 – 2016

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