Consultancy Policy

Consultancy Policy



St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda is an HEI that takes initiatives to share the talents of its faculty, research scholars, staff and students for the benefit of the society and institution resource mobilization. The college is committed to promote and facilitate technology and knowledge transfer that contributes to social, economic and educational impact. The activities undertaken are collectively termed as consulting services.

Conditions under which consulting activity may be permitted

 Involvement of individuals in consultancy services should not affect the academic activities of the college. Hence, written permission from the Principal and Head of the Department is required for running any consulting activity. Permission will be granted on the basis of expertise, responsibilities, potential conflicts of interest and availability of college resources. The competence and expertise of the individual or the department in providing consultancy services outside college will be assessed by the Principal or his/her nominee.

The overall authority and accountability for all college consultancy services is entrusted with the Principal. The Principal can entrust a nominee or a committee for giving advice or conducting investigations. The terms and conditions of the consultancy services will be decided by the Principal. Once the written permission is granted, it should be recorded.

Functioning aspects of Consultancy Policy

Individuals and departments involved in consultancy activities should ensure that their primary academic responsibilities are not affected. The individuals and departments involved in college based or private consultancy services must maintain high quality service. Further, consultancies should be in line with the good practice and complying with ethical guidelines.

 Consultancy services which require only marginal time and resources will be permitted in the college. The extent to which college facilities and resources used for the consultancy services is determined by the Principal in conjugation with Academic Council. The use of college resources should not affect regular academic and research activities of the institution.

Consulting Income

Consulting Services aim to use the expertise of the faculty and Academic Environment of the institution for financial and non-financial benefit .This may also generate income to the college and individuals. For individual consultancies, income generated up to Rs. 1 lakh will be totally paid to the faculty or staff involved. If an individual is making more than Rs. 1 lakh per year from consultancy activity, institutional overhead charges should be paid. Income generated by individuals from consultancy services should be liable for income tax rules and regulations stipulated by Government of India. Failure of doing so will be the sole responsibility of the individuals involved.

For departmental consultancies, income generated can be used for the development and maintenance of services. Individual and departmental consultancy services should maintain proper documentation and receipts. Failure to do so might lead to the cancellation of the consultation permission. Consultancy services that run throughout the year by the departments for the social benefit are considered as special cases. It doesn’t require prior permission each time. In such cases, income generated can be used for the social benefit or for the academic activities of the department.


Consultancy Services can be advertised in print, visual and social media. The college magazine and website will also provide avenues for the wide publicity of consultancy services. Individuals or organizations seeking consultancy from St. Joseph’s college can contact the department or the individual directly. For large scale consultancy service, which require more time and resources, necessary arrangements is to be made in consultation with the Principal. In such cases, MOU can be signed between the institutions involved for ensuring smooth running of the activity. Such activities will be considered as the college supported consultancy. The Principal can choose individual faculty or staff for college supported consultancy services without affecting their academic, research or administrative duties. Further, these activities must not affect the workload of other faculty and staff members. Individual consultancy services provided by the faculty, research scholars, staff and students should not use the college name as affiliation without prior permission. Complete documentation of the activity is the responsibility of individual or the department involved in consultancy.


Members of faculty and staff involved in consultancy services will receive appropriate recognition and reward.


The running and recording of consultancy activities should maintain integrity and openness in all respects. Any complaints or grievances regarding consultancy services offered by the college can be forwarded to the Principal or to the IQAC coordinator. After preliminary investigation, Principal will constitute a special committee for the detailed examination of the issue, if required. The committee will advise the Discipline committee or Academic Ethics committee for further action

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