Department of Biotechnology

UG Programme (Non Vocational)


B.Sc. Biotechnology is a three year graduate Programme under Choice Based Credit Semester System. The complementary courses for the Programme are Environmental Biotechnology and Chemistry. The Programme follows Language Reduced Pattern with four general courses in IPR, Research Methodology, Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management in the second year. Studying Biotechnology at the undergraduate level provides adequate knowledge in various subject areas like cell biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, r-DNA technology, Molecular Biology and so on. Since biotechnology is an application oriented field, focus is also given in providing practical knowledge by conducting laboratory experiments. A group project is also mandatory for the students in sixth semester. The UG programme will provide a strong foundation in biotechnology and  will equip students to join the workforce and/or advance to post-graduate education in different fields such as medical, industrial, environmental and agricultural biotechnology.


2016 Admission onwards 

2017 Admission onwards

2018 Admission onwards 

2019 Admission

2020 admission onwards

 PSO and CO of course  click here



 Core Courses

Cell biology, General Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology ,Immunology and

Immuno technology, Bioprocess Technology, Plant Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology ,

Recombinant DNA Technology and



Medical Biotechnology

 Complementary Courses

Chemistry and Environmental Biotechnology

 General Courses  :

Biodiversity- Scope and Relevance, Research methodology, Natural Resource Management, Intellectual property Rights

 Second Language  :

Malayalam or Hindi

 Open course offered from the department :  

Introduction to Biotechnology

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