Department of Botany

UG Programme (Non Vocational)


B.Sc. in Botany is an undergraduate programme of six semesters which is completed in three years. The course is affiliated with University of Calicut with Chemistry and Zoology as complementary subjects. Botany is one of the broadest sciences as it includes the study of the ,variety of plants, their interaction with the environment, and complexity of processes occurring within them. Through this program, we provide key concepts of Biosciences, including those on essential molecules, genes, cells, genetic engineering, Plant biotechnology, Bioinformatics  Biostatistics, etc. Focus on topics like taxonomy, environmental biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, ethology , kingdom Plantae etc. This will help the students to learn to conserve and care for plant life  and environment they are living in. Field studies, visit to research stations. Hands own training in various techniques like horticulture, nursery managemet and nature camps are an integral part of imparting knowledge. Botany practicals  are a vital component of the core course. B.Sc. in Botany can pave the way for students to take up employment opportunities in the educational sector, pharmaceutical enterprises agriculture-related companies etc. They have scope in Indian Forest Service, plant biodiversity research, wildlife conservation, environment management, monitoring of ecosystems, various plant-based research institutions, etc. They can also opt for higher studies in Botany. Students with more than 55% in higher secondary level are eligible for this course. Because of the vast biodiversity of plants is available in our state study of botany program has immense scope for doing research.

Status  :  Regular


2016 Admission onwards 

2018 Admission onwards

2019 Admission onwards

2020 Admission onwards

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Code BOT
Department Botany
Course System Semester
No. of Seats 36
Course Type Aided
Eligibility Plus Pwo
Duration Three Years
Status Regular

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