Department of Chemistry

Dr.Bibitha Joseph

Assistant Professor

Date of Joining

: 11-02-2015

Area of interest

: Coordination chemistry

No of years of experience

: 5

Course Institution Year
BSc Chemistry Devamatha College, Kuravilangad, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam 2002
MSc Chemistry School of Chemical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam 2004
Ph.D Applied Chemistry, Cochin University of Science And Technology 2015
Designation Institution Period
Guest Lecturer Department of Chemistry, Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha Aug-14 to October 2015
Guest Lecturer Department of Chemistry, Devamatha College, Kuravilangad July 2008 to Jun-09
Teacher Ministry of Education, Republic of Maldives Feb-05 to Nov-07
Research Fellow Applied Chemistry, CUSAT July 2010 to April 2015
MSc Project Guide St. Joseph's college(Autonomous), Irinjalakuda November 2015 onwards
Research Guide St. Joseph's college(Autonomous), Irinjalakuda November 2020 onwards
Title Year Indexed in Citation
Dioxidomolybdenum(VI) complexes of tridentate ONO donor aroylhydrazones: Syntheses, spectral and structural characterization, A. Ambili Aravindakshan, Bibitha Joseph, U.L. Kala, M.R. Prathapachandra Kurup , Polyhedron (2017), 123, 206-216 2017 NIL
Crystal structure of N’-[(E)-3,5-dichloro-2-hydroxybenzylidene-4-nitrobenzohydrazide dimethylformamide monosolvate, Bibitha Joseph, N.R. Sajitha, M. Sithambaresan, E.B. Seena and M.R. Prathapachandra Kurup, Acta Cryst. (2015),  E71, o826–o827 2015 NIL
Bis{N-[(E)-4-benzyloxy-2-oxidobenzylidene]-4-nitrobenzenecarbohydrazidato} bis [diaquanickel(II)] dimethylformamide tetrasolvate, Bibitha Joseph, M. Sithambaresan, M. R. P. Kurup and Seik Weng Ng, Acta Cryst. (2014), E70, m211-m212. 2014 NIL
N'-[(E)-4-Benzyloxy-2-hydroxybenzylidene]-4-nitrobenzohydrazide dimethylformamide monosolvate, Bibitha Joseph, M. Sithambaresan and M. R. P. Kurup, Acta Cryst. (2013),  E69, o1160–o1161. 2013 NIL
N'-[(E)-4-Benzyloxy-2-hydroxybenzylidene]-4-nitrobenzohydrazide monohydrate, Bibitha Joseph,  M. Sithambaresan and M. R. P. Kurup, Acta Cryst. (2012), E68, o1421–o1422. 2012 NIL
Title Funded By Collaborators Period
National seminar on “Recent trends in Computational Chemistry and Drug Design” KSCSTE NIL 2019
Title Organized By Period
Orientation programme HRDC, University of Kerala, Kariavattom, Trivandrum. 24/4/2019 to 23/5/2019 (28 days)
Refresher course in Chemistry HRDC, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu 20/9/2019 to 3/10/2019 (14 days)
UG/ PG Paper Title
PG SJCHE1C03 Structure and reactivity of organic Compounds
PG SJCHE1C02 Elementary inorganic chemistry
PG SJCHE2C05 Group theory and Chemical Bonding
PG SJCHE2C06 Coordination chemistry
PG SJCHE4L12 Physical Chemistry Practical IV
UG SJCHE5B07 Organic Chemistry
UG SJCHE5D01 Environmental Chemistry
UG SJCHE6B11 Physical Chemistry-III
UG SJCHE6B13(E2) Polymer Chemistry
UG SJCHE6B12 Advanced and Applied Chemistry
UG SJCHE1C01 :General Chemistry
UG SJCHE2C02Physical Chemistry
UG SJCHE6B17(P) Inorganic Chemistry Practical-III

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