Department of Chemistry

Sl.No Type Year Title Period Investigators Funding Amount Funding Agency Status Project Report
1 Minor 2018-2019 Screening of Lake Bottom Clay as a Solid Catalyst for Aldol Condensation Reactions. 2018-2019 Dr Manoj A. L. 30000 Management, St. Joseph's College, Irinjalakuda Ongoing


2 Major 2016-2017 FIST (Major project) 5 years (2012-17) HOD Dept of chemistry 2450000 DST Completed


3 Major 2016-2017 Fabrication of environmentally benign solid catalysts for Oxy Functinalisation of toxic organic compounds and biomimetric reactions 3 years(2014-17) Ms. Nonu Davis Chakkalakkal and Dr. Pearly Sebastian 720000 DST Completed


4 Minor 2014-2015 Phytochemical analysis, anticancer, antibacterial and antioxidant activities of Ttragia involucrate and Dioscoria alata (Minor project 2014-2016 Sr. Lilly K.O 125000 UGC Completed


5 Minor 2014-2015 Catalysis by neat and supported complexes in industrial oxidation reaction reactions a comparative study 2013-2015 Dr. Pearly Sebastian 975000 UGC Completed


6 Minor 2013-2014 Photocatalytic reduction of nitrous oxide using TiO2 – A computational study 2012-2014 Rosbella K Puthur 145000 UGC Completed


7 Minor 2012-2013 Comparative study of catalytic and biocidal activities of some new metal complexes of Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II) derived from thiophene and furan carbaldehyde 2012-2014 Dr Deena Antony C 92500 UGC Completed


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