Department of Chemistry

UG Programme (Non Vocational)



B.Sc in Chemistry is an undergraduate three-year programme that is divided into six semesters. We offer Bachelor of Science in Chemistry affiliated to University of Calicut with Mathematics and Physics as complementary subjects. The course provides knowledge of Science in the chemical field of study by offering subjects like atomic chemistry, organic chemistry, application of computers in chemistry, etc. The course covers theoretical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry branches with Polymer Chemistry as an elective paper. Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry practicals are integral part of this core course. After pursuing B.Sc in Chemistry, candidates can get a number of opportunities including Chemical Engineering Associate, forensic scientist, geochemist, hazardous waste chemist, materials scientist, pharmacologist, toxicologist, water chemist, Lab Chemist, Production Chemist, Analytical Chemist, etc. Chemistry graduates can also go for further studies like M.Sc in Chemistry. Also, we offer complementary chemistry theory paper and practical to B.Sc. BioTech., B.Sc. Botany and B.Sc. Zoology courses. It is advisable to score more than 55% in the higher secondary level to stand eligible for this course. 


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