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Gemology is the science of studying gems that have emerged as a new line of study. This unique profession is not just limited to laboratories besides identifying and evaluating gemstones. Candidates who hold a certificate in Gemology will find innumerable job opportunities across the world. 

Research and PG Department of Chemistry , St. Joseph's college Irinjalakuda is conducting a one year certificate course on Gemology for second year Bachelor's degree students.  Syllabus covers theory and practical sessions. Department is equipped with Gemology lab with all facilities. 

These are the first-level courses in Gemology that deal with all the basic information regarding identifying different gemstones. The duration of this course is one year. Candidates who registered for the course will learn about various techniques and instruments used in the Gemmological industry. Department has collaborated with Flame Diamonds and Manufactures, Thrissur for providing industrial training and experience. 

Candidates who take up Gemology course will learn about the identification and colouring of stones besides occurrence of the stones and will be taught on the stones' physical and optical properties. They will also learn about the identification of naturally occurring gems. 

Gemmology Syllabus 


Chemistry In Service of Common Man (CISCOM) is a certificate course offered by the chemistry department, intended to train the students and local community to prepare common household chemicals such as soap, shampoo, detergent, hand wash, hand sanitiser, toilet cleaner, pain relief bam...etc. This course is conducted in collaboration with Science Center, Methala, Kodungallur. These products are used in everyday life, so it is relevant to know the ingredients (mainly chemicals) and their composition. Many of the products available in the market are harmful due to the excessive use of chemicals. As part of the certificate course (CISCOM), we conduct workshops with experts once a year to teach students how to make these products safe, low-cost, and efficient. It is an opportunity for students to come together as teams, expand their creativity, and develop new areas of interest.

CISCOM Syllabus  

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