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Expert Talk on Entrepreneurship skill , attitude and behavior development- 2023-24 ( Academic )

Aug 08 , 2023

Expert Talk

The Research Department of Commerce at St. Joseph College, Irinjalakuda, hosted an insightful event titled "Entrepreneurship Skill ,Attitude and Behaviour Development" on Tuesday, August 8, 2023. The event aimed to empower students with essential qualities for successful entrepreneurship.

Nishanth Reghunath, an esteemed expert in the field, led the event, emphasized the importance of skill, attitude, and behavior development in entrepreneurship. Through interactive sessions, participants gained invaluable insights into the attributes required for thriving in the entrepreneurial landscape.

The event shed light on gaining skills, fostering a positive attitude, and adopting behaviors for entrepreneurial success. The focused sessions provided practical tools and strategies for students to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

The "Entrepreneurship Skill Attitude and Behaviour Development" event at St. Joseph College, Irinjalakuda, significantly impacted students by equipping them with essential entrepreneurial attributes. Nishanth Reghunath's expertise left attendees inspired and better prepared for their entrepreneurial pursuits.

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