Value added programme

Add-On  Course on Flower Making- 2016-17


This course is designed to develop the creative and employability skills of the students. Making fabulous flowers that look like real flowers is immensely satisfying. After the completion, of course, the students can create various types of artificial flowers and market them. This is a 35 hours course with a perfect blend of theory and practical hands-on instructions. The sessions are trying to amalgamate the creative and imaginative power of the learner. The sessions are handled by experts in art and craft making. The ultimate aim of the course is to enable the learners to become self-employed people and open new horizons in the field of art and craft.



Add-On Course on Word Processing and Data Entry Operator-2017-18 and 2018-19

Since most Offices use computer systems these days, data entry has become an integral part of day-to-day office tasks.  Data entry skills are essential to improve the employability and soft skills of a student. Word processing and data entry operator courses enable the learners to gain good proficiency in computer-based operational and administration tasks. The main aim of this program is to familiarize students with computers and data entry. The course provides computer skills including word processing, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, etc…This will help them to get job opportunities in government and non-governmental organizations. This is a six months course including theoretical and practical sessions. This course is a PSC approved and recognized by the government of Kerala. 

Syllabus 2017

Syllabus 2018

Add-On Course on Foundation Programme in Banking and Financial Services- 2019-2020

Awareness about banking and financial services is important in everyday life. The certificate course “Foundation Programme in Banking and Financial Services” is designed to deliver basic knowledge about banking and financial services to the learner and to sculpt students into hard-core finance professionals armed with expertise in Investment Banking and Capital Markets. This will enable the learners to acquire a career in the banking and financial sector. This is a 40 hours course offered by the Department in association with Hedge School of Applied Economics, Kochi. The sessions are handled by certified trainers in the field of the financial sector. 



Add-On Course on Fundamentals of Banking-2020-2021 

In the present globalized world, financial institutions and markets play a significant role. The financial sector liberalization across the world including India has led to unprecedented growth in the financial sector, leading to the introduction of new and diversified financial instruments and financial practices, providing ample career opportunities to the students of economics. This course is designed to give an exposure to the students of economics to the changing world of financial markets and to give them an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts related to banking which they read in newspapers and hear and see-through electronic media in their daily walks of life. The course also aims at providing a platform for students of economics in developing the skills required to take up a career in the financial sector and to provide them an opportunity to think of higher studies in finance which may open them the vast career opportunities in the field of finance.



Add-On Course on Digital Skills for Beginners 2020-2021

The Digital revolution has made a difference in almost every aspect of the modern world. Nearly everything we do these days involves a level of digital skill. Furthermore, this is only going to become more prevalent as technology continues to advance, integrate with our lives and be part and parcel of our everyday work lives. The certificate course “Digital Skills for beginners” will introduce the learner to what digital means, how it’s changing the way we live and work, and how the learner can learn the skills and gain the confidence needed in the increasingly digital workplace. The course duration is 40 hours including recorded and live classes. The classes are handled by experts in each and every field. After the completion, of course, the students will get a course certificate.


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