Department of English

PG Programme

  1. M A English Language and Literature

  1. Status  :  Regular
  2. Core Courses:
  3. Semester I  : British Literature from the Age of Chaucer to the 18th century,British Literature:The Nineteenth century,British & Continental Drama,Advanced Communication
  4.  Semester II  : Twentieth century Literature up to World War II,Criticism and theory,American Literature,European   Fiction
  5. Semester III  :  Twentieth century  British Literature:Post 1940,English language:History  & Structure,Postcolonial Fiction & Drama,Malayalam Literature in Translation
  6. Semester IV  : Indian English Literature,Indian English Fiction,Linguistics,American Ethnic Writing
  7.  Dissertation in Semester  IV 

  8. PO, PSo, CO Click here

  9. PG Syllabus 2016 onwards
  10. PG Syllabus 2018

    PG Syllabus 2019

  11. PG Syllabus 2020

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