Department of English

Research Publications
Sl.No Type Year Title Published by Level Index Database Author
1 Papers 2018-2019 The Concept of Deivappura (Abode of God) and its Centrality among the Lives of Kurichya and Kuruma Tribal Communities in the District of Wayanad in Kerala Research Directions International 00 Dr Linet Sebastian
2 Papers 2020-2021 Fictionalising the Gendered Self: A Critique of the Politics of Gender in Transgender Autofictions Literary Endeavour National 00 Sonima K. K
3 Papers 2016-2017 “Politics of Absence : The Conflicting Positions and Gender Hierarchy in The Tempest” IJELLH International 00 Dr Sujitha V.S
4 Papers 2017-2018 Traversing the Persona:A Comparative Study of Characterization of Mary Magdalene in Ki Longfellow's The Secret Magdalene and Elizabeth Cunningham's Bright Dark Madonna IJELLH International 00 Ms Veena Sany
5 Papers 2017-2018 Shift from Deep Ecological to Ecopsychological Currents in Select Indian English Poetry Literaria International 00 Ms Geetha Jacob
6 Chapter 2017-2018 Globalization at the Cost of Cultural Recolonization ; A Critique of Contemporary Trends in Higher Education Post-Graduate Department of English and Research Centre for Comparitive Studies, Mercy College, Palakkad National 00 Ms Anju Susan John
7 Chapter 2021-2022 Graphic Novels : An Outlet of the Oppressed Eudoxia Research Centre International 00 Dr Asha Thomas and Sandra Mariam Xavier
8 Papers 2018-2019 Bon Appetit : Food, Identity and Culture - A Reading of Mary Tall Mountain's "Good Grease" and Jonathan Swift's "Mutton". Etude, IQAC, Panampilly Memorial Government College, Chalakudy National 00 Dr Asha Thomas
9 Papers 2021-2022 Viewing through the Lens of Refraction: Angles of Deviations in Asura IJRAR International 00 Dr Asha Thomas and Arathi A M
10 Papers 2018-2019 The Self-Help Discourse and the Question of Subjectivity: An Analysis of the Narrative of Selfhood in Popular Self-Help Writing Andromeda, PNC Publishers, Pudukad, Thrissur National 00 Dr Asha Thomas and Amaldev P J
11 Chapter 2018-2019 The Scheme of Mythos: The Rising Cultural Overtones in Mythological Recasting In Transit - Media, Culture and Nature, Media House Publications. International 00 Arathi A M
12 Papers 2017-2018 Gods as Heroes and Friends: A Glimpse into Ganesh Telivision Narratives for Children The Investigator National 00 Arathi A M
13 Papers 2020-2021 Mythical Revisions in Moderenity : The Underlying Paradigms IJRAR International 00 Arathi A M
14 Papers 2019-2020 Unfurling the Myriad Threads in the Delving of Scripting and Drawing in Amruta Patil's Adi Parva The Investigator National 00 Arathi A M

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