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BA History or Bachelor of Arts in History is an undergraduate course to study the evolution of human civilization from prehistory to the present times.History is the study of life in society in the past, in all its aspect, in relation to present developments and future hopes. It is the story of man in time, an inquiry into the past based on evidence. Indeed, evidence is the raw material of history teaching and learning. It is an Inquiry into what happened in the past, when it happened, and how it happened.It is an inquiry into the inevitable changes in human affairs in the past and the ways these changes affect, influence or determine the patterns of life in the society. History is, or should be an attempt to re-think the past.History aims at helping students to understand the present existing social, political, religious and economic conditions of the people. Without the knowledge of history we cannot have the background of our religion, customs institutions, administration and so on. The teaching of history helps the students to explain the present, to analyze it and to trace its course. Cause and-effect relationship between the past and the present is lively presented in the history. History thus helps us to understand the present day problems both at the national and international level accurately and objectively.Regular updation of both Curriculum and Syllabus in History is unavoidable because the subject of History has a rapid growth as compared to most of the other social sciences and also being a discipline that touches day-to-day human lives in every society. Accordingly, timely modifications and updations are to be made in the curriculum in tune with latest developments in thought, techniques and methods of analysis and the rapidly changing socio-economic environment.

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