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The students of History visited Thripunithura Hill palace on 22/02/2018. History allows the students to feel like they were part of this vast chain of humanity. They connect us to other cultures. By seeing places from the past in other areas, I am able to relate to those people. The students could see similarities between their culture and archeology. Both of which help the students to feel a deeper understanding of Kerala History. 42 students participated in the site visit. Future generations are in no way guaranteed to experience these places as they are. Responsible travel can provide incentives to save them, or at least their memory.

World Heritage week 


World Heritage week was celebrated by the inauguration of Cultuaral and Heritage Museum by Dr. B Venugopal, Honorary Director, Centre for Intangible Heritage  Studies SSUS ,Kalady and the Chief Guest was Mr. M.N Noushad, Managing Director, Muziris Heritage Project . Its objective is to make people aware of the rich heritage and also strive for its preservation.  Wed organise programs highlighting the significance of ancient monuments and their preservation.Various programs related to historical structures, tour places and cultural and traditional heritage of the country were initiated to celebrate the week.The department celebrated it by organising quiz and painting competitions.

Regional seminar


Regional seminar was conducted by the department on 04/03/2020.Dr Sreevidya led the seminar on the topic Research Methodology in local History. Regional seminar was conducted by the department on 04/03/2020.Dr Sreevidya led the seminar on the topic Research Methodology in local History .An invited talk was conducted on Research Methodology was conducted for the students of History. The talk helped the students to select their degree project topics based on methodology. The area of the seminar was

  • Identify an idea, topic or research question.
  • Conduct a background literature review.
  • Refine the research idea and questions.
  • Determine that historical methods will be the method used.
  • Identify and locate primary and secondary data sources

An international webinar on Gender studies


The webinar was conducted on 15-02-2021. It was led by Fr. Gilson Payyapilly. He spoke about the Gender studies form part of a significant shift into interdisciplinarity in academic fields more widely, which is reflected in the issue-based calls of funding bodies, special editions of journals and the growth of interdisciplinary research fields. Gender studies are an integral part of this interdisciplinary movement that offers theoretical and methodological advantages in understanding multiply constituted social worlds and addressing pressing global problems, such as the dynamics of migration, uneven global power geometries and climate change. Not only are most of the big issues in the contemporary world underpinned by social divisions including those based on sex and gender, but also the issues addressed by sexual politics are often a key motor of activism and change. Gender studies are distinctive in their engagement with interdisciplinarity, which have developed though a synergy between thought and activism.

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