Department of Malayalam

Seminars / Workshop / Conference
Sl.No Type From Date To Date Title Level Funding Agency Collaboration Proceeding / Report
1 Seminar 2015-11-17 2015-11-19 U G C Sponsored National seminar on the topic- 'keralathile chamayangal- a folk analysis' National UGC nil View/Download
2 Seminar 2014-08-05 2014-08-05 Nattupacha- ecological concepts in nature, politics and literature National UGC Kerala Folklore Academy View/Download
3 Seminar 2022-02-21 2022-02-21 Bhashayum Linganeethiyum By G.Ushakumari Regional Department Nil


4 Seminar 2021-09-27 2021-09-30 Nattuvazhakkangalile arivum porulum National Kerala Folklore Academi Kerala Folklore Academi


5 Seminar 2021-07-18 2021-07-18 Vartha Avatharanathinte charithravum varthamanavum by Abhilash Mohanan Regional Department Nil


6 Seminar 2021-07-05 2021-07-05 Grameenathayum hasyavum Mucheettukalikkarante Makalil By Prof.Savithri Lakshmanan Regional Department Nil


7 Seminar 2021-06-18 2021-06-18 Oru vayanakkarante aathmagathangal by Rajendran Edathumkara Regional Department Nil


8 Seminar 2020-10-20 2020-10-27 National Seminar on Vattezhuth- UGC Bvoc scheme National UGC Oriental Research Institute Mysuru View/Download
9 Seminar 2020-11-02 2020-11-02 ‘Malayala kavithayile Janadhipathya pravanathakal: Aadhunikathakku sesham’ By Dr.MB Manoj Regional Department Nil


10 Conference 2019-11-14 2019-11-14 Manu S Pillai in conversation with Dr. Salil S. National Nil Nil


11 Seminar 2019-02-17 2020-02-18 National Seminar on Intellectual property rights National Autonomy fund Nil


12 Seminar 2016-12-05 2016-12-06 'Madhavam Smarami'- National seminar on Indian Contribution to Mathematics and Astronomy, a special reference to Kerala Schoo; of Mathematics' National nil CSis- CUSAT and departments of Malayalam, Mathematics and Zoology View/Download

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