Department of Mathematics

Sl.No Created By UG / PG Course Name Topic Link
1 Ms. Sherin Jose T. UG B. Sc. Core/ Complementary Mathematics Vector Calculus - Green's Theorem Verification View
2 Ms. Sherin Jose T. UG B. Sc. Core/ Complementary Mathematics Calculus - Tracing Graph of a function View
3 Sherin Jose T PG M. Sc. Mathematics Algebra - How to find number of Primitive nth root of unity in GF(N) View
4 Ms. Sherin Jose T UG B.Sc.Mathematics Calculus View
5 Sinda Joy UG B.Sc.Mathematics Conics View
6 Dhanya V S UG B.Sc.Mathematics Lagrange interpolating polynomial View
7 Dr. Sr. Deeni C J UG B.Sc.Mathematics Graph of Transformed Functions View
8 Dr. Fijy Jose P UG B.Sc.Mathematics Combining Functions View
9 Baby A K UG B.Sc.Mathematics Introduction to Statistics View
10 Alphy Joseph UG B.Sc.Mathematics Functions and domains View
11 Sonadas P UG B.Sc.Mathematics Cauchy Riemann Equations View
12 Emily Joy UG B.Sc.Chemistry Partial derivatives View
13 Emily Joy UG B.Sc.Physics Partial derivatives View
14 Rehna Babu UG B.Sc.Mathematics Covariance View

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