Department of Mathematics

UG Programme (Non Vocational)


B.Sc Mathematics is a 3-year undergraduate programme that deals with the discipline of mathematics and the analysis of numbers, structure, transition supported by complementary programme statistics and computer science, which strengthen students in mathematical and statistical area along with knowledge in computer science. The course mould students with good caliber in analytical and computational skill

Status  :  Regular -Aided
Duration  :  3 years (6 semesters)
Year of Sanction  1964-68
Sanctioned Strength   48
Eligibility   Mathematics as one of the subject in HSS level
Scope of Study  

Higher Education: M. Sc. in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Data Analytics, Economics, M. C. A., M. B. A. and much more

Job Opportunity: After graduation student is eligible for most of the jobs which need analytical skill particularly from the area of Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Teaching, Analyst, Content writer for online class and much more

Core Courses   Calculus, Basics of Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis,  Complex analysis, Numerical Analysis, Logic & Number Theory,  Differential Equations, Multivariable calculus, Linear Programming, Introduction to Geometry
Elective    Graph theory
Open Course    Offered by Other departments
Project: Advanced Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Complementary Courses   Statistics and Computer Science
Common Course   English
Second Language  HIndi or Malayalam



 Under 2014 Regulation

2016 Admission onwards 

2018 Admission  

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Under 2019 Regulation 

2019 Admission

2020 admission onwards 

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