Microbiology & Forensic Science

Research Publications
Sl.No Type Year Title Published by Level Index Database Author
1 Chapter 2018-2019 Enzyme catalysis: A workforce to productivity of Textile Industry Scrivener publishing LLC International Online ISBN: 9781 1195 5538 Dr. Aneesh E.M, Dr. Sharrel Rebello
2 Papers 2018-2019 Recent advancement in the production and application of microbial pectinase: an overview Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology International 2589-014X Rebello, S., Anoopkumar, A. N., Puthur, S., Sindhu, R., Binod, p., pandey, A ., Aneesh E.M.
3 Papers 2018-2019 Non-Conventional yeast cell factories for sustainable bioprocess. microbiology letters (Oxford academy) International 1574-6968 Rebello, S., Abraham, A., Madhavan, A., Sindhu, R., Binod, P., Karthika Bahuleyan, A., Aneesh, E.m & Pandey, A.
4 Book 2018-2019 Industrial Enzymes as feed Supplements- Advantage to Nutrition Springer, Singapore International Print ISBN 978- 981- 13- 3262 Dr. Aneesh E.M, Dr. Sharrel Rebello
5 Papers 2017-2018 Molecular advancements in the development of thermostable phytase Appl microbiol biotechnol International 1432-0614 Rebello, S., Jose, L., SINDHU, R., Aneesh E M.
6 Papers 2016-2017 bioconversion of sodium dodecyl sulfate to rhamnolipids by transformed Escherichia coli DH5 alpha cells -a novel strategy for rhamnolipid synthesis journal of applied microbiology International 1365-2672 Sharrel Rebello, Biljo V joseph, Sunil V Joseph, Leny jose, Sathish mundayoor, Jisha M.S

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