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     The department of psychology was established in 2013with the affiliation of Calicut University in the self-financing section with a B.Sc. Psychology and M.Sc. Psychology on 2020. The department has provided excellent training for the professional and personal development of the students. The department has a well-equipped laboratory for the students. The students are getting training for counselling and psychometric assessment methods. The department is proud of the well-placed alumni and the students who cracked national and international exams and skill development programmes.




     Upon completion of the prescribed program for the major in psychology, the student should be able to understand and demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of theories and principles in the discipline, and the scientific method.
  • Application of this knowledge to the individual, societal and global issues.
  • Ethical standards and practices within the discipline.
  • Relevant applications of technology.
  • Competencies required for entry into higher studies, or for entry Into the world of work.

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