Industrial Visit 2023-24 ( Academic )

Jan 10 , 2024

by second B.Com students to Nutricreams Pvt Ltd

An industrial visit to “Nutricreams Pvt. Ltd”, Ernakulam , was coordinated by the Research Department of Commerce on 10th of January, 2024. 64 students of  2nd year (Aided)  under the guidance of  two faculty members visited the industry to interact  with the food processing industry so they can get a better understanding of how things are made, how many people are needed for each machine, and so on.

The students reached  the industry around 11:00 am  and  were divided into three groups for the session with industry professional after the completion of  the introductive session. The Branch Head,  Mr. Akhil made   sense of the foundation of the Nutricreams business and their situation on the lookout. Nutricreams is an Ice-cream manufacturing industry. They produce different flavours and varieties of ice-creams. They gave data with respect to the product that will be introduced soon and their expectations on the product.

Further, The Production Head  of  Nutricreams Pvt. Ltd Ms.Arunima  led an extremely educational session for us. At first, she led us to the Mixing Room. Students were shown how to pasteurize  milk before storing in the Horizontal Milk Storage Tank (HMST). Further, blending of the pasteurised milk with butter and sugar is done using two other tanks connected to pipelines running above. This multitude of cycles were finished with the assistance of machineries. The only stage where they required  labour force was for adding ingredients to the funnel that were further connected to the pipelines to mix the ingredients with the milk.

Next students, were introduced to the fruit processing room. Most of the fruits were said to be imported with the exception of a few native natural ones like Jackfruit and Tender Coconut. The Effluent Treatment Plant which was located some distance away was shown by the Production Manager, where they treated the industrial effluents prior to letting it out. He explained about  the fact that it means quiet a lot to treat effluents properly to reduce environmental pollution and ecological contamination and  to adhere to the guidelines set by the Pollution Control Board.

Next, the students were directed to the packaging rooms. Most of the workforce were required here. The labourers packed  the ice-cream  that came through the machines and  also labelled them here. Finally the students were shown the Anti Room  and the Cold Storage. The freezing temparatures inside the cold room helped store the processed ice-creams in proper condition.

The visit came to an end  by 12:00 pm. The session was extremely fruitful for students to get an understanding into the different cycles of the food processing industry and of human resource necessities in regard to machineries utilised.  

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