Events 2022-2023


Audience: Students from various schools and colleges

Jul 22 , 2022

The department of Microbiology and Forensic Science conducted an exhibition on basic techniques of Microbiology and Forensic Science, “INVISIBLE ENIGMA” on 22nd July2022 at the Golden Jubilee Research. The formal inauguration was done by Vice Principal Sr. Blessy and the self-financing programmes coordinator, Dr.Sr.Rose Bastin delivered the Presidential address. Students and teachers from various schools and colleges visited the exhibition. The exhibition focused on introducing the world of Forensic Science and Microbiology to the students of Science stream thereby inculcating research instinct among the students. The general microbiology desk featured the various fields including basic instruments, various culture media and their significance, depictions of viral and bacterial cells, and bacterial and fungal colonies. The normal skin flora test, MBRT test, catalase test, antibiotic sensitivity test, ABO blood grouping, and other staining techniques were among the additional tests that were included. The forensic section featured a crime scene depicting a murder and burglary case, fingerprinting and collection, DNA extraction, various types of chromatography, and a display of poisonous and harmful plants.

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