Puneet Sagar Abhiyan 2022 ( Social )

Audience: Public

Sep 28 , 2022

took oath and conducted a debate on single use plastics

                                            BAN ON SINGLE-USE PLASTICS


We produce millions tons of single use plastics every year most of which cannot be
recycled. India has banned the manufacture, sales and use of identified single use
plastics item which are used once, or for a short period of time, from july 1
st 2022.The single-use plastics has among the highest shares of plastics manufactured and used from packaging of items, to bottles, polythene bags, face masks etc. The impacts of this plastics waste on environment and our health are global and can be drastic.
The NCC unit of St Joseph’s (Autonomous) college, Irinjalakuda
conducted various activities based on ban on single-use plastics. The NCC cadets
took a pledge on cleaning and conserving water bodies, promising the appropriate
use of plastics and proper treatment of nature. The NCC cadets also conducted a
debate in favor and against the ban on single use plastics. A serious debate took place which end up in giving advantage and disadvantage of single use plastics. The team favouring the ban included the points like health issues, wildlife and environment threats and water pollution etc. The opposing team include points like disposable bag alternative, durability, low cost, light weight etc. The debate concluded by saying the use of single use plastics can be reduced by giving awareness among people and promoting new ideas which replace the use of plastics.

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