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St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda is one of the leading women’s college offering platforms for tapping out the hidden talents residing in womanhood through educational endeavours that lead to women empowerment and holistic development. As an institution dedicated to the upliftment of women, the college takes every step to ensure that as our students begin to stride through the challenges, they find ample and appropriate facilities in the institution that can aid in facilitating their journey towards their desired goals. The college supports its woman community with an insight for securing a bright and confident social life where our students can afford to mend destructive stereotypes and convert them to peer supportive systems that offers a growth platform equally accessible to all irrespective of gender. Though a women dominant space, the college ascertains that our students learn to respect the uniqueness of individuals and revere humanity  bove the differentiating socio-physical factors. The college attempts to assist this developmental journey through the following facilities:


Annual gender sensitization action plan and report

The college is fully prepared to accommodate its valuable treasure of women who combine to comprise the majority of its population. It is therefore inevitable that the institution takes stringent steps for the safety and security of this community. The safety and security steps can be generally divided into the following: ·     

  •  Infrastructural: The infrastructure of the institution is well equipped with 24x7 CCTV surveillance cameras at appropriate locations and an additional full time security personnel for complete monitoring of activities undergoing in the campus 
  • Physical: The college trains its women students for self-defence through Karate classes and other self-care options available for facing challenging situations as they enter into the society. Support from external authorities is sought for sensitising them on the topics of Vehicle and road safety, drills and demonstrations are conducted in the campus to sensitise them of the actions to be taken in case of fire or other natural disasters, The facility of doctor on call is also made available to handle situations of medical emergencies in the campus.
  • Social and Cyber security: The students are given regular awareness sessions that enlighten them on the immediate actions to be taken in case of any online frauds or threats received from outsiders. The contact details of the concerned student  welfare committees, anti-sexual harassment cells and the details of other local governmental agencies are provided during the commencement of the academic year. In order to sustain discipline and maintain the security within the premises, the students are provided with ID cards and separate registers are maintained that log in the details of outsiders entering the campus.

Darsana Counselling Centre

The Counselling Centre of St Joseph’s is supportive in training and preparing the students to address the wide range of concerns in their daily lives. The place is a shedding centre of relationship problems, depression, career interests, academic concerns, and many other types of problems that the students encounter in and outside the campus. It’s a place of solace and succour to the students and also for outsiders who need support for their mental health. Two full-time counselors are working in the centre to avoid the breakdown of its students. Other than being a mere supporter, the centre creates self-confidence in students to solve the problems on their own in the future. We ensure the mental health of our students through a peaceful environment. The centre adopts a lot of extension programs like counselling, hospital counselling, awareness programs such as marriage preparation courses, extension classes, etc. A de-addiction centre is also attached along with the centre to support the drunkards for a bright future relieved from the addiction. Serving rather than a student support centre, Darsana Counselling Centre is dedicated to uniting the families by solving the problems of the students and their families for a peaceful and healthy future.  

With women as its central inhabitant, the college understands that there can be several demanding situations where the physiological needs of women have to be catered. The college comprises spaces where our students can relax and revive their health when met with a day of ailment in their academic schedules. Apart from  sensitization of menstrual hygiene, sanitary vending machines are installed in the washrooms for convenience and additionally, the working mothers in the institution are also supported with the day care facility provided in the institution aiding uninterrupted mother and child bonding. 

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