Financial Services and Incentives

The college offers interest-free loans to the staff members for financial challenges. The loans are offered for emergencies like construction of houses, education of children, etc. The financial incentives granted by the college to its staff include gratuity, pension, festival allowance, and annual trip allowance. In promoting the self-financing faculties, the college follows the regulations of the UGC. The college also takes care of the annual staff picnics, occasional tours, and celebration of the festivals.
The college also takes care of the welfare of the staff after retirement through pension schemes even for self-financing faculties and staff. Along with these, the college offers terminal benefits and job opportunities for the family members of the staff on compassionate grounds.
Other Benefits
The college opens its facilities to the staff for a comfortable working atmosphere. The staff from distant places are accommodated in the staff hostels and the employees can access to free Wi-Fi service of the college. The staff is givenan institutional email Id and the college conducts awareness programs for the staff. Post office, Gym, retreat, and orientation facilities are available for the staff on the campus. The canteen, banking, and day-care needs of the staff are also taken care of by the management for a balanced working culture.

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