Nature Club

Goals and Objectives

  • Create awareness about the blessings of Nature and the problems of Environment

  • Motivate the students to value Environment

  • Develop an attitude to work for the preservation and conservation of  Nature


  • Distribution and planting of tree seedlings

  • Conduct green audit of the campus

  • Conduct field trip activities

  • Conduct exhibitions on Environment

  • Conduct certificate course on Environmental Studies

  • Open Butterfly Garden

  • Conservation and protection of RET plants

  • Organizing various eco-friendly activities

  • Waste bins and composting bins are placed at respective sites to understand the importance of maintaining hygienic conditions.

  • Publish a manuscript ‘Thusharam’ annually

  • Popularise Aroma therapy, Desapushpam, Karkidaka kanji to understand the importance of medicinal plants

  • Organize dry day celebration and disease awareness programmes

Connect With Us

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