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Botanical Garden

Jan 01 , 2020

St. Joseph's College Botanical Garden

The Botanic Garden of St. Joseph’s College was founded over fourty years ago in the hope that the whole campus could be developed as a botanic garden so that it might be of scientific as well as aesthetic value. Today the Botanic Garden serves as a living museum of plants native to India and ecosystems all around the globe. The Botanic Garden includes thousands of plants, including those grown under green house and outdoors— and various specialty gardens around campus – Cacti and succulent hut – Green house for ferns and Begonias – Aquatic plants – Medicinal garden – Butterfly garden – Vertical garden – Vegetable garden. Additionally, there are 3000 pressed specimens available for research in the herbarium. The living plant specimens are the heart of the Botanic Garden and our bridge to the rest of the botanical world, past, present, and future.

The mission of the Botanic Garden is to foster education about the science, beauty, and importance of the plant kingdom through the use of outdoor and conservatory plant collections, gardens, displays, and exhibitions.

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