The organogram of St. Joseph's College(autonomous), Irinjalakuda depicts the organizational structure of the institution along with the portrayal of all the sub-categories of committees and groups involved in complementary functioning of the institution. The chart was formulated with a 4A technique:


Assimilate: All the requisite information were investigated and thorough studies were conducted to understand the basic objective behind developing an organogram for the institution and for the complete inclusion of all the components or sub categories in the representation.


Arrange: The findings were duly arranged and their respective appropriate positions were roughly drafted in a way that can lead to minimum confusions and better perspectives.


Anoint: The assigned positions are allocated with their respective duties, tasks and responsibilities in an orderly and efficient manner. It is to be comprehended that though tasks are allocated to certain positions, the functioning of the institution depends on the collaborative efforts of all the subordinating components irrespective of their allocated designations.


Acquaint: In order to reap the best outcome from developing a comprehensible branching mechanism, it is important that this hierarchy of relations should be made familiar to the components as well to others who wish to understand the machinery of the institution. Thus, these relations were graphically represented in the final form of an organogram.  

Establishing this hierarchy of communication is mandatory for a contented working environment that secures a gratifying experience for all the stakeholders in connection to any service availed from the institution especially where employers or students are free to communicate any discomfort in their experience with the institution. Along with reminding the routes of communication, it provides a comprehensible database for anyone who intends to initiate a bond of commitment at any level with the college. This enables to understand the roles and responsibilities endeavoured by every single component in the transformation of the institution from a mere building of bricks to an essential workshop where individuals are polished and prepared for a lifetime of success with a strong value system. 


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